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Billygoat Inline

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by HighClassGlass, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Inline 14mm a/c by Billygoat. The inline keeps tubes so fresh and clean without a drop of shitty water spilling over.
  2. :eek: That's sick man.
  3. fuck ya bro. that is wayyy sick. love the pattern on the main window. would love to see some more pics fo sho. love the inlines.
  4. that looks great, I love fillas
  5. nasty piece bro:smoking:
  6. Very awesome piece
  7. thats f'n amazing dude. I've never heard of billygoat I might need to check them out
  8. Wicked inline how much it run you? Love to see it in action
  9. that thing is tiight... damn , how do all you guys get this sweet stuff i have a ton of headshops around me the only one that sells inlines is sugar daddies and opm and sugar daddies only sells them on like 2500$ pipes and opm is crazy expensive the guys said nothing on the inline rack was less than 300... it also had a bunch of salt slides and shit like that... how much is too much when it comes to designer glass??... the guy at opm wanted 80$ jus for a frotini slide?... i told him i only had 90$ and he pretty much laughed... i am in no way shy when it comes to buying nice glass but really?
  10. nice. milk shot?

  11. that sounds about right. if you want something from a well known blower, be ready to pay

  12. yeah... haha im ready to pay i jus didnt want to get back on here and have people be teling me i got ripped i want a nice inline but i got a custom cubbler slide and matchin diffy coming to me within the next couple weeks... but the inlines next
  13. WTF, how much did that thing cost you? It looks fantastic :smoking:
  14. Awesome bro +rep! :hello: The design is sick.
  15. Glad you like it! Hes got nice work and is located in WI. Heres a milk shots for ya. Its some skim looking milk ill get a better one up to show you its full percolating ability.
  16. picked up a billy goat inline just like that in houston saturday, its amazing, different colors on the main window and instead of another worked window on top there is a freeek brain marble. pic's today after i clean all my tubes.
  17. its not a freeek marble if you look at it its not spirals its squares most likely .... i work with freeek and have been doin them almost as long. hey perfected them first for sure tho. and glad you dig the inline.

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