Billabongs Grow Journal/06

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by billabong420, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, This is a 2 day old sprout and its looking good. its under about 80 wats flouro, there are 2 more seeds that havnt sprouted yet but soon.

    Ill be keeping tabs every week so this should be a fatty grow.

    im growing 2 purple indica X white widow and one unknown the sprout is the unknown.

    I have PLANS to do an big outdoor grow this summer to so watch for that aswell if things go down.

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  2. Lookin good, Keep us updated.

    Ill be watching your grow!
  3. Hello this is now week 2 and its doing pretty good. It looks like the second set of leafs are just single fingerd leafs but they are 3 fingerd, i have about 8 sum watts of light on it noew before it was only 40.

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  4. Hey billabong, thats looking tasty already, ive seen white widow grown before so i know thats gonna be SWEET bud. Anyway ill be checking in on this thread to see your progress.
    Cheers Spud.
  5. sorry for not posting for a while but heres an update. From the last time i posted it almost died i was pretty choked but then i remember i have mad skills so it would be but it s eems to be all good, check it out,

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