Bill O'Reilly on Marijuana / It's Just a Plant

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Aug 19, 2007.

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  2. all i have to say is "FUCK YOU Bill O'reily".. He is rediculous.

  3. i posted this awhile back..

    but still atleast the guy defended himself well.
  4. QFT! Its the fact that some people believe some of his lies that makes me lose more and more faith in humanity.
  5. Well, Bill is a dick, but he really didnt bust that guys balls too

    I think most people would have seen past those petty arguements he gave

    "Intoxication is wrong." Earlier, he said its wrong only for kids, or something in his book. What a dumbass. Who would want to read their children his book. Thats just scary to imagine
  6. What truely bugs me about O'Reilly is that he ignores and shouts at everyone that disagrees with him, and goes out of his way to invite them on his show looking for a fight. He's a very steriotypical republican in my eyes.
  7. that oreilley guy is a bitch....
  8. Did anyone notice the guy winked at ORLY at the end?


  9. Damn, I thought I might have imagined it. :p
  10. exactly... hes just one of those extremely closeminded people that are going to believe whatever they want to believe... and whoever disagrees is an idiot to them that deserves no respect.

    I would looove to slip him some "special" brownies.
  11. I've began to notice how many times O'Reilly reports on something that has to with sex, all the time! For those of you that don't know he was being sued for sexual harrasment but plead with the woman for $10 million. I've also began to see alot of reports about pot. Perhaps O'Reilly is a pothead, but most likely not given the fact that potheads are peaceful, while this douchebag is a corporate fucking shill who shits pitchforks.
  12. goddamn that rat bastard....i hate that motherfucker so bad.

    - stay blazin'
  13. dude

    he just sucked all my high out...

    it was like listening to my grandpa bitch at me...

    Worst experience ever... Man.
  14. Good thing I didnt post his other weed rants...This is relatively tame for him
  15. Phuck Bill O reilly. Im more than sure duke is a mad hipocrit
  16. lol, its a one-sided media show. Its on a republican network. Of course its going to be anti-mj

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