Bill O' Really Uploaded A Critics Vid: GC: Tear Him Apart

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crypto Tech, May 11, 2011.

  1. It has been removed.

    It was a good run GC, over 1000 views of it from his website.
  2. You sure are proud of yourself for doing nothing.
  3. Come on, he pulled a prank on Bill O'Reilly. Not something many people can say. I'd be proud too.
  4. For someone who sees nothing inappropriate about calling a female liberal-leaning journalist both a man and a cow, you sure do get your panties in a bunch when someone mocks a conservative journalist. In the future, feel free to block his threads if you don't approve.

  5. Whoa, WTF?

    Dronetek, are you schizo?
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    No he didn't. He renamed a video that had been embded on one of his many websites.

    No, your priority seems to be patting yourself on the back for renaming a video title. You're a hero in your own mind.

    Oh shut up. You bitch and moan in every single one of my threads hypocrite. Also, I don't care if he mocks O'reilly at all. Just pointing out how retarded it is to be proud of yourself for renaming a video title.
  7. [ame=]YouTube - You Mad[/ame]
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    Thanks for that, you just gave us gave an excellent example of your skewed sense of reality:

    Total Politics threads by Drone in the last two years: 310
    Total Politics threads by Drone in the last two years to which I have responded: 20

    Yes, I counted.

    That means I respond to ~6% of your threads. It's unclear to me how 6% is equivalent to "every single one" of your threads. :laughing: The reality is that it's quite the opposite: I ignore 94% of your threads, as I do most threads in this forum. You just don't like to hear from me because I don't always agree with the things you say. In which case, you are free to use the ignore button all you please for me and anyone else who has differing opinions from you.
  9. Thats funny because last week I started tallying up post counts by various users in various threads related to race being an issue. :D You inspire us to our own investigative work, congrats Drone mission accomplished.
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    No; the home of Bill O'reilly.


    Your reply is so ridiculous, the king of ridiculous comedy had to say something about it.

    Hmm... I think it's funny that you are incapable of seeing the big picture here; lemme break it down-Baby Einstein Style:

    O'Reilly's fans visit his website.

    People like watching videos.

    Video of the day is the most visited video page.

    Irony: The description of the video was: SNL mocks Osama.
    The Video: SNL mocks O'Reilly.

    I should change this thread to: Crypto mocks DroneTek with O'reilly and Racial stupidity images:
    I'll start off:


  11. Is the video still around? I want to watch it...
  12. Might I interrupt the keyboard war to say... my ass itches.

    you may proceed

  13. Sorry bro, you missed the funny.

    He did remove it though-Click on link for effect.
  14. Holy shit loosen up. You're getting all worked up over nothing, on a weed website. HOW?

  15. Glad to see that discontent with this fake ass reporter is still alive and well.

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