Bill O' Really Uploaded A Critics Vid: GC: Tear Him Apart

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crypto Tech, May 11, 2011.

  1. Gimme some ideas on how to change it up: I have to go do some business atm, but I will return.

    Seriously, Appreciate ANY input on this.
  2. Aha its still there. O'reilly and his supports are slow as shit. Something like this wouldnt happen with Colbert / Stewart because their supporters are engaged and interactive..
  3. Too bad I'm a Libertarian. :eek:

    And how am I only ever singling out Faux? What?! I'm new here bro, only been here a month I hate all News Networks ;).

  4. lol Assumptive aren't we?

    I could care less about the MSM news channels anyway... CNN or Fox, they're all equally full of it

    It *does* seem that Fox has more "sore thumb" types, you know, easier to pick on because of obvious character flaw type of people

    The only other news caster I can think of just as / maybe more full of it than ol Bill is Nancy Grace, and I haven't a clue what network she's a part of

    So, see, it's not liberal bias... It's just Fox is easier to pick on

    Take that as you may, i dont care if you think we're all liberal teet suckers, you're the one with the bias, not us
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    The difference:

    O'Reilly Supporters: Couch locked, often old, wrinkly, and/or withering away. Know nothing about politics, or at least "politics," as in, communication with the constituents that results in productive representation.

    Edit: Most of the time, his supporters (most of the so called "supporters" aren't really supporters of his twisted ideology), as he labels them, just watch the show to get enjoyment out of making fun of him-or they turn to Faux News with the thought, "Oh man, the O'Reilly Factor is on. I wonder if he's feeling like a bigger asshole than yesterday," or, "I wonder if all the Republican Cockslaps he recieves every day have caused a concussion; maybe all the lost brain cells will cause him to "forget" to cut his opponents mike when they ass-rape him in a debate."

    Colbert/Stewart Supporters: Know that our government is infected with parasites pretending to be human beings, and enjoy laughing at their ridiculous antics. Also active in the community, productivity wise; hold much purer ideology of a better America.
  6. do colbert and stewart pull other peoples videos for their site..or are they lazy like O'reilly's people?
  7. Holy shit the video is still up.

    This is a win for the enlightened-The webmasters must be hardheaded like Bill O'Reilly: And think that all people who support his wicked ideology are intelligent-That everybody else is stupid-Certainly not capable of infiltrating his website...

    Video goes in, You indirectly bitch-slap yourself...

    You can't explain that.

  8. Actually, comedy central spends money on a new system of social interaction within the community-includes its own video coding, social interface, etc.

    Faux News spends money that could possibly be used to empower the people selfishly.

  9. can you embed a link in the thought bubbles??? if so embed a link to the transcripts of his sexual harassment case

  10. Done. The video that was linked has a link to the transcripts. Funny thing is: In the video he said that was the last time that he would EVER talk about the incident.

    Link goes in, laughter comes out...

    You cant explain that!
  11. Updated: Submitted story to News giant: CNN. It just so happens the owner of CNN is a huge rival of Rupert Murdock: The owner of fox news.
  12. ^^ keep posted please!!
  13. wilco.
  14. Uh oh, we got a "Drug Warrior" commenting on the video.

    Can you do me a favor GC? School him/her on Earths Gift to Mankind?
  15. Updated. Legal description inserted to illustrate my right to "Fair Use."
  16. Nothing big yet, other than the fact the video is still up. Wanna wager? 2 days? 5 days? A month?

    Night GC
  17. Anybody else having issues loading the vid?
  18. Nope.
  19. YES!!! Epic! man you did a great job, 65k+ views! HAHAHA

  20. Heh, thanks bro. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Still scouting the internets for mentions.

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