Bill O' Really Uploaded A Critics Vid: GC: Tear Him Apart

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crypto Tech, May 11, 2011.

  1. Nicely done.

    I thought the jokes would be harsher though, you let him off easy :p
  2. epic...truly epic!

    i take back my spambot comment the other day

    he was working under the gun....

  3. True... But I didn't want to be too specific... Then the idea of Defamation would start to take root.

  4. Awe... I forgive you too. Thanks for the support guys, this thread must not die!

  5. Awesome smiley man!
  6. Errors corrected. Enjoy.

  7. Thanks bro.
  8. Hmmm... Where's AugustWest?
  9. You practically just Rick Rolled Bill O'Reilly...

    God bless you, sir... God bless you.
  10. Bahahaha very nice. Color me impressed.

  11. Good show OP. Lets see how long it stays up.
  12. I give it... twelve hours, starting now.

    Crypto, if you manage to go viral with this (such as rousing a response from O'Reilly) I am personally buying you a Nirvana Membership.

  13. oh fuck, hes back


  14. I hope that happens. And it all started here at the City :smoke:

  15. That is going in the "General Section"
  16. You mean you want to put this up in General?

    Go for it, dude. I'll make sure it stays un-deleted.

  17. welcome back from the land of the banned
  18. *Bump. Video Title updated.

  19. Thanks broski :smoke:

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