Bill Nye the science guy?

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  1. thats some good ass shit
  2. Yes, He made up a good bit of my childhood...Ill smoke to that :)
  3. Fun dude.

    He made science a bit more interesting than my monotone teachers.
  5. I always thought he probably toked up.
  6. Bill still is the fucking man.
  7. Bill Nye is the man.

    and so was Mr. Wizard

  8. Bill Nye the science guy BILL BILL BILL bill Nye the science guy

    Hahaha used to love watching bill Nye in class
  9. How long have those vids been around?

  10. I long ass time lol i'm 19 and watched them in 3rd grade:smoke:

    And they were around way before I watched them haha.
  11. Bill Nye!!! Holy shit I thought everyone forgot about him, I guess not! I'm happy to see so many supporters for him.
  12. Today in science we watched a bill nye video lol
  13. Science rules

  14. The videos were made in the 90's i think. And i love bill nye the science guy. So amazing. Thats really the only time i had learned shit while i was in school.
  15. Bill! Bill! Bill!
  16. Classic example of how the 90s were the best decade to be a kid. :)
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    Whatever happened to him anyways? Where is he now? I have a feeling hes in some alley somewhere shooting up and then as he feels it comin on he says "SCIENCE Ruuuul...." and then passes out poor bill NYe

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