Bill Moyers examines the costs of America's wars

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  1. Wow. Eye opening stuff. Great post.
  2. Wars are expensive and this is hardly new or interesting.
  3. Are you working on your post count or something? :rolleyes:
  4. Privatized national security is more efficient than government run national security.
  5. Moyers is a leftwing idiot, he only accepts liberal ideas and shuns any conservatism, did you see how he sucked George Soros's dick when he was on his show, it was a gay orgy of leftwingnutism.
  6. Now remember contractors arent always gunmen there are a lot of construction workers and shit.
  7. You're saying there's no conflict of interest? These private companies make money from war. If that war ends, so do their fat contracts.

    Nice. I especially like how you didn't address the topic at all! You could have a future in politics, kid.

    Very true. Unfortunately, as demonstrated in the video, sometimes those construction workers work is extremely shoddy. Why is that? One would think our troops deserve better.
  8. we have private contracters here in the us, its called northcom
  9. The guest is right though, Obama is Bush on steroids, and the spineless liberals support him anyway without even realizing his policies are very destructive. Like Ron Paul, if our foreign policy wasn't directed at waring with Islamic soveriegn states, there would be NO 911!, of course we know the powers that be made sure it would happen anyway.
  10. No, we don't "know" this, it is only conjecture.
  11. No, but I am pretty sure there would be a thread like this somewhere in the politics situation and even if there wasn't, the cost of both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars has been in the news :rolleyes:

    Also, with a post like that I could ask you the same thing.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if we had illegal immigrants working for contractors in these countries IE employed illegals in american -> sent to afghanistan/iraq to make things cheaper.
  13. Don't you live in the UK? How would you know what is covered by American news media?
  14. I took an educated guess and assumed that as the American media, particularly the elements that opposed the Iraq War and invasion of Afghanistan, would cover the topic. If they didn't, then I guess American society is more ignorant than I thought and I apologise.
  15. Haha, you must not be familiar with the duties of the 4th estate in maintaining an empire.

    We are no more ignorant than the rest, well... maybe a little, but I blame apathy.
  16. some people seem to be missing the point. 'They' are telling us one thing to our face, but turning around and doing the opposite. They hold back info to make us believe the war is over, people aren't dying, we are helping them so much.

    These private contractors essentially have their own army of men to fight for them and their own agendas. This should have a lot of people/soldiers questioning serving in the military because they are fighting for the wrong thing.

    when will people start to realize how corrupt the system is

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