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Bill Maher attacks religious people

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, May 17, 2010.

  1. God, Maher is so smug and arrogant. How can anyone stand watching him.

    Also, S.E. Cupp is hot. She's great on Red Eye, if you ever watch that show.

  2. She is HOT. But I think she deos a awful job in interviews. Look only get u so far....aww who am I kidding. The way she looks, I really dont care what she has to say. I will agree with it. :D
  3. Well I for one like Bill Maher.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA.. good one, sarcastic SOB :D

    (yes, I vehemently disagree)
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    haha this actually made me laugh out loud, do you really think christians have it all figured out? i agree that mormonism is complete bullshit, but so is christianity. religion is for people that don't want to admit that there are some things we just can't explain. do you really believe that Noah built a big ship and saved all the animals, or that adam and Eve were the first humans? If you really believe all these fairy tales then i don't just feel sorry for the mormons, but also for you.
  6. Whatever one think of Maher and his style, he is not entirely off the mark, when saying the religious are delusional. Though, I don't think the word delusional is entirely the correct one, since it got some negative connotations which suggest some pathological mental disorder.

    To believe in, or imagine, some external agent being the cause for things we cannot quite explain, is part of our common psychology. It need not be gods, it can as easily be spirits or conspiracies or whatever really.

    Through time some of these external-agent notions have evolved into entire systems of beliefs, or religion if one want.

    Dr. Andy Thompson got a great lecture on this topic.

    [ame=]YouTube - Why We Believe in Gods - Andy Thomson - American Atheists 09[/ame]

    (it's a bit long, but fascinating stuff)

    Dan Dennett got a couple as well. Just search or youtube, and ye shall find what thy looketh for. :)
  7. Bill Maher's kind of retarded. Laying the blame for ALL the world's evils a religions feet is a bit stupid. Sure it had a HUGE part to play but it's not the sole reason.

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