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Bill Maher attacks religious people

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, May 17, 2010.

  1. Are you insinuating belief in a higher power (or diety) is inevitable as long as humans exist?
  2. most religious folk live their life by the bible so that they may get to join gods kingdom in the sky when they die.

    an entire life of being good FOR a reason other than to be good.... this is the downfall of religion. no one properly explained it so that the masses dont just use it like a drug... to escape reality.

    reality is that the earth is hectic and quite treacherous compared to most humans daily routine. religion is a way to cope with this irregularity and make sense of the madness. its a way to make you live a good life, though for misguided reasons.

    humans cant reach their full potential until dogmas are released and we come to a general understanding of what will further our race's mind and physical progress. with a dogma comes do's and dont's, with this list comes right and wrong.

    right and wrong are a matter of opinion and outlook on things. if you are told to believe something and follow it blindly you are shutting yourself into a box, never will you realize your full potential because you arent living to reach it. you are living for "god", take god as being this planet.

    god take god give, the earth gives you life and sustains it so you can further your existence. it also one day takes your life back to create more life. when you die your body decomposes into nutrients that deposit into the soil. this in turn creates a chain reaction of matter evolution and adaptation.

    religious people dont think with their mind, they think with their hands together and read a prayer out of a book WRITTEN BY A HUMAN BEING THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. how can you go by the same shit that was come up with thousands of years ago? thats like ignoring technology, no religious person would ever give up their cellphone or computer.... unless their pastor, preacher, what the fuck ever you call your dude told them too.

    if its in the bible, its the truth... give me a fucking break.
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    Does believing in a religion necessarily mean you believe in a higher power?

    I think many humans like to believe in a higher power, but I don't think that's it necessary for survival (thus, not inevitable). I believe that religion has the potential to do a lot of good and can serve a good purpose in society (charity, community service, etc.) by gathering people of similar beliefs.

  4. Could "you" please stop trying to communicate with text message linguistics?

    The point is - when you play the "what if" game, there is no end. it's stupid. What if there weren't any gravity? I don't know - who cares. Gravity exists and so does religion. And there is nothing you can do to get rid of either.

    No. I'm pointing out that violent squabbles have been a part of human history since forever. Using that as a template - I can accurately predict that human on human violence is never going end as long as humans live on the earth.

  5. Religion: A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. An institution to express belief in a divine power.

    Inevitable: Incapable of being avoided or prevented. By no means necessary for survival.

  6. I am not trying to get rid of either.

    I am just saying religion DOES cause humans to do some REALLY fucked up things. If u are gonna deny that, your delusional.

    My style of typing has nothing to do with the argument. It doesnt surprise me "U" would try to change the subject with something like that though. LOL U need to go work for fox news or some shit.

  7. Now just wait a second here, are you trying to tell me that on THIS PLANET right now, that there is violence that's *gasp* unrelated to religion!?!?!

    Won't someone think of the children!?

    There would be no vile religion-associated violence if religion didn't exist.

  8. I'm just pointing out the absurdity and irrelevance of your "what if" scenario. Sure there wouldn't be any religion-associated violence without religion DER......

    Unfortunately we don't live in a fantasy world. We live in the real world where humans will kill each other for a MULTITUDE of different reasons - religion just being one of those....

    You saying "what if religion didn't exist" is just as meaningful as me saying "what if human's didn't exist" - neither statement is feasible though so what's the point of saying something like that?
  9. I don't care enough about anything Bill Maher says or does to comment on this thread.

    Except to say that SE Cupp is so unbelievable astonishingly hot.

  10. -Sex abuse rampant through the Catholic Church and their subsequent cover ups without end.
    -The Pope telling Africans not to use condoms, despite the possibly of contracting HIV.
    -the Lord's Resistance Army, which has murdered thousands in East Africa.
    -Religious justification of slavery.
    -The Army of God within the US and other anti-Abortion terrorists that have lead to many deaths.
    -The Christian Identity movement and the Centennial Olympic Park bombings in Atlanta.
    -Srebenica Massacre against Muslims.
    -Christian terrorism in East India.

    Oh you lovely bigots.
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    First the world is critical of us for not allowing homosexuals to be priests. Then homosexuals infiltrate the priesthood and have lots of homosexual sex with teenage boys. And now the world is critical because homosexuals did what homosexuals have always done. Confused? Don't be. 80% of the abuse in America and 90% of the abuse in Europe was homosexual men having sex with post-pubescent boys. By the very definition of the words, it isn't a pedophilia crisis, it's a homosexual crisis.

    Can't really win in the eyes of the world, I guess.

    Ironicly, children are still significantly more likely to be sexually abused by a card carrying member of the NEA in a public school. But the liberals support public schools and the NEA, and have even given them special immunity to lawsuits, so we don't hear about that in the media.

    Your post goes down hill from there. And that's really saying something.

    Anti-religious bigotry, on the march! Letting no fact get in the way of being a bigot! Onward!

  12. You've really got to be ignorant not to recognize all the good things the church does for the world. Who would provide endless charity if not the church, the state? :rolleyes:

  13. I give charity on a regular basis. I dont belong to any church.
  14. Good for you.

    When I was in Uganda building hospitals the only Americans over there were devout Christians. What gives?
  15. Dude, a liberal, really? :rolleyes:

    A delusion is a belief held in the face of evidence to the contrary, that is resistant to all reason. You read a book and irrationally believe in the things that are written there because someone else told you that you should have faith or you'll burn in hell for an eternity. Christians try to replace science with their unproven, unsupported dogma, and the science they are trying to replace puts their delusions into question.

    A belief held in the face of contrary evidence that is resistant to all reason.

    Stop whining, he is speaking the truth. The truth is not bigoted. The man calling the truth bigoted is usually the one who is the bigot.

    Prove that your belief in a god is valid and I'm sure the guy will stop saying you're delusional but until then he's got a point and your only defense is to accuse him of attacking you when all he is doing is telling the world his opinion, which happens to be supported by the truth.

    But most importantly, who even gives a fuck?
  16. Really? Homosexuals have always sexually harassed teenage boys? Sources?
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    That S.E. Cupp is a moron. Watch this interview, she can't even defend her own argument (that the liberal media is attacking christianity) so she hangs up halfway through

    [ame=]YouTube - S.E. Cupp Vs. TYT: Anti-Christian Liberal Media Bias?[/ame]

  18. Well, that would be appropriate if that was against what I was arguing, but you didn't comprehend.

    Dronetek believes that Christians do no wrong, and I was countering that. I know that ALL religions have tremendous contributions in terms of charity. I mean, one of the reasons Islamists rose in Egypt was because they were providing the charity and relief their government would and could not. But that isn't the point. The point is Dronetek believes that only Muslims in the modern age commit atrocious deeds, which frankly, is bullshit.

  19. I'm not even getting into the more troubling parts of this, but you're missing the point.

    You can't discredit those priests as being representatives of the Catholic Church and part of it because they are gay. The fact is they are part of it and the Church actively defends them and covers up for them. That is the point of it. As long as the Church covers and defends them, they Church is at fault, and that is the point (that Christianity has a lot of blood on its hands, too).

    As for the rest, unfortunately one becomes accustomed to such things. Ugh.
  20. If religion were simply about doing the right thing, it probably would be one thing.

    But you have to submit to a god. In the case of Christianity, you have to believe JC died for your sins. In Islam, you have to surrender ALL to Allah.

    No, once again - why do you have to submit? Why can't you do the right thing?

    And as for me, I dig Jesus (his words) - I really do. Between that and doing good things for people, why can't it be just limited to those two things???

    That is why I swear all organized religions have ulterior motives... These gods want your souls. It's fucking creepy.

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