Bill is Killed

Discussion in 'Movies' started by MonkeyUndead, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. deathrace 2000 is one of my favorite movies. very sad.
  2. i really liked him in kill bill... what a shame
  3. it's interesting that a whole generation will remember him as "Bill" and another will remember him as "Caine"
  4. so he was jerking off naked with a rope around his neck in a closet? what a way to die, dude sounds like a freak. cutting off your air while jerking it at age 72 does not sound like a great idea.
  5. maybe he was seeing if he could ejaculate before he died.
  6. more people love ye ol' asphixi wank than youd think, what a shame though, poor bill.
  7. I remember him in the old Kung Fu show....used to watch it every week....what a sad that this will be how he's remembered now
  8. Warner Bros stole the idea for the kung fu series from bruce lee and gave the part to David Carradine. Its a shame kung fu series would have been amazing with bruce. Carradine is cool, its not his fault hes white.

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