Bill introduced in NC House to legalize medicinal marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Green Justice, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Ok I plan on posting this on a couple of seperate forums so I hope I'm not being too much of a pest, but I'm sure you can all understand why I'm so adament about this. North Carolina

    Basically two bills have been introduced, one to go through the General Assembly and another as a possible ballot initiative in November(which I would much prefer, but I'll take what we can get). The man responsible State Rep. Earl Jones has also set up an educational meeting for one of the House Committees so if you have the means to make it to that I highly recommend it(no pun intended).

    So please if you live in North Carolina or have friends or family in North Carolina who may be sympathetic to the cause or can offer any kind of support please do so. As someone who has lived in this state my entire life I would be damn proud to know that it is moving away from the old style of thinking and into a more sensible way of evaluating this issue.

    PS like I said I plan on posting this is several forums so please don't consider me spamming or trolling or whatever it is you kids call it these days, I'm just trying to get this very important word out.

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