Bill Gates stepping down from microsoft

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  2. well all i can say is much props to him thats a really great thing his doing atleast he isnt hording all of his money away
  3. damn, he should have just offered me the job, would have been more than happy to take the stress off his hands
  4. he did hoard all his money away, he just leting someone else run shit so he can retire and sit back and smoke the herb
  5. :rolleyes:He hords all of his money, hes the richest man in the world and hes only planning to have 800million(vs 50+billion) when he dies so he can leave it in a trust fund to his daughter.


    I'm just worried that microsoft will start a unstopping decline and we might end up having that POS Mac OS crap 10years from now, god damn i hate that OS its so simplistic it drives me insane. I'm also worried what will happen with the next generation xbox console(720 or whatever it is) because its the system with my favorite exclusives.
  6. il admit he could share more of it to the less priviled people of this world but he has gave a nice amount which is better then nothing.
  7. [quote name='paranoia13']
    I'm just worried that microsoft will start a unstopping decline and we might end up having that POS Mac OS crap 10years from now, god damn i hate that OS its so simplistic it drives me insane./quote]

    We could always switch to Linux if that happens, Linux is a great OS. Ive been thinking of switching back to Linux now that I dont play games on my computer much.

    Thats cool that hes stepping down.
  8. He needs to pass Microsoft onto me... even for atleast a month! I heard he makes $1 million a day from it.
  9. probably makes more than that in an hour XD
  10. yeah he makes like $20 million or something when he goes to bed til when he gets up
  11. that guy is a fucking asshole if you ask me, not to be a dick but if i had billions of dollars right now,

    aids, cancer, epilepsy, strokes, and whatever would be cured

    i'm a firm believer that one should not die without giving the world a gift, hopefully when i'm done with school i can work for MERCK pharmeceuticals and find a cure for alzheiners diease and parkinsons, thats where its at

    sure he made everyones lives better through technology, but computers dont save lifes doctors do,

    if he would give half of his cash to research we would immortal by now, but no he will give i tto his whore ass family so they can perpetuate his bastardly ways

    the fact that he hasnt been to prison for a monoply yet pisses me off

    (sorry, i really dont like him)

    plus who the fuck needs more than a billion to live for the rest of there life, and there kids lives, and there kids lives

    i would give that shit up just so when i'm at the gates and peters like what did you do with your life i can say well i made billions and gave to research so people all over world can enjoy theres
  12. I read an article today that said he is stepping down to concentraite on his charity foundation and that he only intends to keep 800,000,000 in a trust account for his kids. The rest he will give away.
  13. damn thats great man, i'm glad to hear he's donating his stash for the betterment of the planet earth
  14. its not like he stops gettin paid he still owns the company he jus puttin sumbody in his spot
  15. hopefully the new leader of microsucks will make it more incorporated into a linux like platform and eliminate that virus bullshit and make all those expensive ass programs open source and free! boycott microsucks and take on the *NIX WAY!!! TUX ROCKS!!!:hello:
  16. Actually, you ever saw that show on VH1 called "The Fabolous Life Of..."? Well I was watching the episode on Bill Gates and they said that he intends on giving his kids only 0.02% of his fortune when he dies. That's $10,000,000 each. The rest, he said, will go to charity.
  17. man i bet he gets the best bud. it's always the nerds man.
  18. am i the only one who found this post exceedingly ignorant?
  19. Poor kids..think they can manage on that.....
  20. I don't know... it'll be tough. Hopefully they can cut the 9-5 though.


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