Bill C-10 and what it means for weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Canada420isgood, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. The Harper Government enjoys moving Canada in the wrong direction for legalization and.... well pretty much everything the country stands for. A beautiful example of this is C-10, the bill that will most likely pass in a week or so, which classifies possession of a controlled substance (WEED!) as a mandatory 6 month prison sentence and a criminal record.

    Ya.... that's a bombshell. :mad:

    Convenient that Harper makes more prisons and makes it easier to go to prison at the same time! Fucking cronies
  2. Its horrible. Its making me as a Canadian want to move to the USA until Harper is gone. Or until Ron Paul is elected. Which ever happens first.
  3. No kidding. Harper is trying to "Americanize" the way we run our country. More prisons when crime rates are lower than ever? New jets?

    Makes me sick to think of how corrupted the system is.
  4. Welcome to reality Canada. People suck.
  5. I'm sorry, but Ron Paul isn't getting elected.

  6. Go be a buzzkill somewhere else.
  7. Who says he can't? Extreme things can happen in politics... just look at how Hitler was elected!
  8. The government is in control of the votes. In the end they say how many votes were input. They have complete control over who is elected. They abuse their power in every way possible, whats one more?
  9. just wait a bit shits going down soon...and it means nothing except if your growing you will be loaded soon:bongin:
  10. Do you know what the reallly sad and frustrating thing about the "harper government" is that all of these bills are being fucking avoided by the media! I'd say about 98-99% of people I mention it to have no clue what it is
  11. i dont think he was a buzzkill. you think with nearly all of america watching cnn and fox news that ron paul is going to get elected? HA! no man! they hush and ridicule him nearly everyday, it is extremely unlikely he will be elected president. Go be ignorant somewhere else.
  12. Fuck this shit... :(
  13. yea dude, you canadians are better off up there seriously. theres a dividing line being drawn as we speak between status quo, and not status quo. eventually the country will break out in war and chaos. the second anything happens, (tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, etc.) every american in that area will think its the end of the world. personally i smell pandimonium. i never said i spelled it tho.

  14. True, very true. But one of the main reasons for that is because 98% (exaggeration, sorta) of people don't give a shit about politics or their own country in general. It's all money, money and more money and it's destroying this global civilization. I don't blame the media, I blame the half ass people who think that watching cat videos is a better investment of their time than researching C-10, which may rip this country apart.

  15. Amen.

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