Bilderberg Group 2013 Meting

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lightupbong, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. As some of you may know, the Bilderberg Group is currently meeting at the Grove Hotel near London.


    Some of the attendees of this year's meeting include Jeff Bezoz (CEO Amazon) Tim Geithner (U.S. Secretary of Treasury) Henry Kissinger (U.S. War criminal) and as always, David Rockefeller who is a notorious banking elite.
    It's pretty easy to determine that the most powerful people on the planet are meeting in secret, without any media attention, to discuss how they are going to steer world events and manage world policy. These people are the ones in control of the world's central banking systems, and the natural resources of the planet, they decide where wars will be accelerated or started, how dissent will be quelled, and who their products will be targeted towards and how their advertising will come about.




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