Bikes, boards, blunts and a sweet park sesh

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Hell yeah, this morning i got up at like 5am, loaded up my bike and board, rolled me a fat j, and hit tha road fo' tha skatepark, ot down there and had a sweet sesh bike and board. dropoffs off the 4' ramp deck to flat on bike, dropped in the 6' halfpipe consistently like 15 times (last time i dropped in was 15 years ago) and i got some sweet boardslides on the 20' bench, landed one fast and full length, pure oldskool aggression and gnardogg too, like back in tha day. After the park i went and found some nice lil cliffs out in the desert and hit up some cliffhucks. Maybe one day this week i'll head up into the mts and hit the trails, there's some sweet technical sections of rocks, and a few moto style jumps i wanna hit.


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  2. umm.. ive neve skater or boarded, but it sounds like fun, sounds like your good, keep it up make some money off it!

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