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  1. ok who here uses a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation? cus im thinkin about gettin a bike when my car dies and i need to know the pros and cons of ridin a bike.
  2. I have a 150cc scooter that I ride constantly when the weather is nice. 74mpg bitches! I literally spend about $10 a month in gas on the hog.
  3. thats strait as hell.
  4. Pros : Easier to maintain, use a lot less fuel, in some cases, faster than cars. And it's a bike. You get the unique feeling of riding in the open.

    Cons : You could die.

  5. Unless you sportn' some reaal cool gear you're gonna be extremely hot or freezing ...

    Unless it's one of those really nice days yakno? But if it's like in the summer or when it's cold out's gonna suck without the proper clothes.

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