Biker friend told me that he smells weed the entire time he splits lanes on the freeway.

Discussion in 'General' started by budbudgoose, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. We live in LA.
    Can any other bikers confirm this?
    I know people smoke all the time while they drive, but I didn't know that many people did it enough for him to smell weed the entire time he rode on the freeway.

  2. I think you're friend is smelling the smog
  3. Is he a stoner too? Many people who are not as familiar with weed as most of us here at GC are usually think they are smelling weed when they aren't.
    if some dumbass was getting high on the freeway here in LA, I'd be pissed. the flow of traffic will go 80 mph half the time.. we don't need someone slowing down that fast paced environment... so unless your biker friend means just the smell of bud in their car it's possible but smoking? improbable..
  5. This makes sense. Those phantom smells...
  6. splitting lanes in a freeway on a bike is a terrible idea 
  7. Im not a biker, but I do drive daily on the freeways here in Los Ganjales
    with my windows down

    And I can confirm people are blazing up on the road

    I love getting that random whiff of bud

    Although I wouldnt say I smell it all day long
  8. I'm sure it was exaggeration, I smell weed on the freeway too but not constantly.
  9. he said when his friend is splitting lanes. That means in traffic. I'm sure lots of people spark up in LA traffic.
  10. Maybee the smell was coming from a skunk that got hit on the freeway.?
  11. Tell me..

    Is this the lollypop factory?

    ..cause y'all are a bunch of suckers.

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  12. lol no wonder traffic is so slow.
  13. Funny, smelled it the other day driving in the express lanes. 
  14. people exaggerate. im sure "the entire time" is really more like "occasionally when i ride i smell it".
  15. One day he will realize he has a dead skunk in his fender

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  16. I'm sure it was an exaggeration, but I frequently see/smell people smoking in the car
  17. I only smoke weed on the 405

    For obvious reasons. Like.. You don't move 3/4 of the time.
  18. Friend needs to stop hotboxing his helmet
  19. Funnily enough yesterday as I was driving home from work and was stopped at an intersection I looked up in my rear view just in time to see this high schooler hitting his pipe. He saw me and jumped I just smiled and noticed that he decided to go right instead of straight across the intersection as I did ha

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