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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hey City,

    So being summer an all, I've been noticing a lot of bicycles on the roads lately. Some adults, some children- yet they mostly have one thing in common:

    The apparently do not know or understand the rules of the road & bicycle riding.

    I mean, how hard is it to make sure you have reflectors, signal when turning, or riding on the right side of the road?

    Who is teaching the children the actual rules? Nobody? Are we just teaching kids how to ride a bike but not how to be safe?

    If you yourself are confused on riding a bike and certain rules you should follow here is some info:

    State-By-State regulations

    General info-Riding in traffic
  2. i can honestly say that ive never signaled when riding a bike and i think ive seen one person in my life do that
  3. It may be the one time you should have signaled to not be alive to regret it.

    It only has to go bad once.

    How does the saying go-

    you can get it right a million times, but you only have to get it wrong once.
  4. Haha... I really don't think that someone now wearing reflectors or using their turn signals properly is that bad. I usually don't go biking near roads (I like to go mountain biking, though), but when I do I make sure to stay on the sidewalk. When I do go on the road, or pass through a street I make sure that the car has the right of way unless I see that the roadway is empty, or I can make it across without altering the way someone is driving. I think caution and awareness is the main thing.

    However, I fucking hate those douchebag bikers with those skinny ass road tires that ride in the middle of the road. It's cool when they get off to the side, far enough out of the way that you dont have to swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid them. But when someone is taking up an entire lane in a 45 MPH zone, traveling like 20 MPH on a bike... damn I get pissed.
  5. The thing I hate the most is when the cyclists take up the whole right side of the road. Like you have to go in the left lane to avoid hitting them. It's not that hard to stay on the white line or in the bike lane that's sometimes there.

    Thanks for posting this Cheebaa, I'm getting a motor bicycle here pretty soon and that was a good safety reminder.
  6. I'm not trying to be difficult, but why do you care if people are endangering themselves? I can understand worrying about their children, but why should it matter to you if an adult is choosing to act foolishly and possibly dangerously?

    I think it's cool that you posted links with information, regardless.
  7. It's not just endangering to themselves, it's endangering to everyone else on the road.
  8. im reckless on my bike, and always will be. gotta be to hang with most of the drivers out here.

  9. Maybe cause I do not want some dent in my truck cause some asshole thought he was above the law, or not competent enough to understand the law.

    Nevermind the guilt if the person is seriously hurt/dies
  10. its too bad that municipalities don't create the infrastructure that would support a larger amount of bikes on the road. its very efficient for people traveling less than 5 miles. a lot of people would bike when they could if it were safer. I know I've said it before, but this town is great for biking. There are nice wide bike lanes that allow the cyclists to ride without needing to worry too much about cars. The lane is usually in between the road and the sidewalk but it comes into the road in between the left hand turn lane and the main lane at intersections allowing the cyclists to get into the left hand turn lane (where it should be obvious where they're heading) and the cars turning right to go without being impeded by a biker who wants to continue going straight.

    i don't use hand singles, but then again most of my biking routes oddly don't require me to turn left. The only time I'm ever in the road itself is when I'm downtown where the speed limit is 25mph, but often times I'll just use the crosswalks so i don't have to bother anyone. I've seen many who do signal and you'll be happy to know, cheeba, i see a lot of parents riding with their kids teaching them the rules of the road.

    let it be known I'm annoyed by most tight short wearing, tall tire having, sparkle reflecting, breathing in all the auto driving man's air, cyclists. I used to have to drive through an area thick with them. that tempers my own riding style quite a bit.

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