Bike Riding High

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  1. Sorry, I'm new and this is my first post so I don't know if anyone has covered this yet, but who here rides a bicycle high? I had been trying to find a way to keep my smoking a productive habit, studying didn't work, writing was fun but it rarely made sense, and working out was cool but I was too lazy and lost count easily.

    Then my uncle mentioned something about doing it in the city. So yesterday I went for my first ride, smoked a bowl, hopped on my bike, and rode for about 45 minutes or so down a back road I knew would be empty. It was amazing, places that I have passed by thousands of times in my life were entirely new and beautiful, the wind rushing against my face was awesome, the work out worked my abs and settled my stomach.

    I highly recommend it, my new strategy is wake and bake and ride 3 times a week. Just make sure you wear a helmet. Anyone else give it a try? Or maybe know any other productive habits to have while smoking?
  2. ive just recently learned the same thing. It IS awesome
  3. i really wish i had a back, theres so many good trails here
  4. Agreed, biking high is really nice, albeit slightly hazardous if your stoned balance is dodgy
  5. hell yeah dude i get goin hella fast and shit. i always used to ride the pegs on my friends bmx bike and we would do this thing we called off roads which is pretty self explainatory but it was awesome
  6. i skateboard, and skating while high is the shit also :D
  7. its great much better than bein drunl
  8. i ride a unicycle blaze :smoking:
  9. i enjoy riding my longboard while im high
  10. I love riding bikes high very relaxing, try dirt bike riding if your daring enough much fun to be had.
  11. Skating is awesome while high, although I can't do tricks for shit when stoned :D But going really fast on a board and feeling all the vibrations from the pavement is amazing.
  12. Hah, with the kind of biking I do, I'd rather not get stoned. I do however love to toke and ski 'cause it feels like your floating on clouds :)
  13. Red Jesus - what kind of bike do you have?
  14. speedboarding or cruising around town on my longboard is always amazing while high
  15. i've been biking ripped for a long time, it helps when you dont have you licence, but it still is sweet, al hit up trails but am way to scared to hit jumps when im ripped
  16. I live in a community with 5 miles of nature trails in the middle of the beautiful Arizona desert, there's nothing quite like rolling a few blunts and going on a good ride with some friends. It's oh so relaxing!

    Just the other day I popped a few Vicodin and smoked a niiice dutch before going on a bike ride. It was a really sick experience :D
  17. i dunno when ever i bike when im high, its strenuous and i sweat alot, id rather just watch tv or listen to tunes
  18. once i went to a park on my hella stoned and rode it. but the problem was that i ended up being so stoned that i couldent ride it.i got on it like 3 times and just kept falling over. When i got home my ankle was bleeding allot and i had a big gash on it .I guess when i fell over my ankle lodged in the gears .The funny thing is i never even felt until i got home and saw my blood red sock.
  19. Its fun, but I get tired and my balance is a little wobbly.
  20. i find it tiring and im all clumsey and shit. surfing high is better

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