Biggie vs. Lil' Wayne

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  1. So some girl today tried to tell me that lil' wayne is the best rapper alive and that he's even better than Biggie. I personally think that she's crazy and doesn't know what she's talking about. Biggie is definitely better than lil' wayne in my opinion. Sure, weezy has some sick rhymes and such, but no one rhymes better than Biggie and Biggie actually keeps one idea throughout a verse and almost tells a story. Lil' wayne just spits rhyme after rhyme.

    This brings me to her next comment, that lil' wayne is the best rapper alive, which I also disagree with. I think there's plenty of rappers that are better than him(eminem and dre, to name a few). I'm only talking mainstream here too, I know there's a ton of sick underground rappers but that just brings way too many names into this.

    I just feel like Lil' wayne doesn't flow well, at least not as well as someone like Biggie. Anyway, I'm just looking for other people's opinions on this.

    Please keep it civil, I'm not hating on anyone here. Music taste is like 90% opinion, I just want to see whose opinion the general community will side with :p.
  2. biggies definately better
    but still, i like waynes style and i liked almost every song on tha carter 3
  3. Biggie for sure. I love Wayne's music, but Biggie is my all time favorite rapper. Better than Tupac IMO.
  4. the notorious bigg is great.

    i really like weezy, ludacris, and of course snoop and dre.

    however i think that SUBLIME owns all other forms of music in every way!
  5. There's no comparison, Biggie only made 2 albums and is still argued as top 5 dead or alive. Wayne isn't even top 10 rappers alive period. This thread shouldn't exist.
  6. Haha I agree, but I just had to make sure I wasn't the only one who thought this.

    I'd still like to see someone's arguments in favor of Wayne though.
  7. Honestly, I truly love both,
    however I think that Biggie, along with Tupac and many other music artists are
    thought much more highly of after their death, in terms of talent

    Some people are just looking for an excuse to get an R.I.P. Tat...
  8. Biggie smalls was probably the best freestyle rapper ever, lil wayne would get torn up

  9. I agree, but for a different reason,
    Artists should never be faced in a "vs." situation, every rapper writes
    differently and flows differently
    what flows good to you, might suck dick to someone else...
  10. hell yea.
  11. wayne sucks biggies dope end of story. you cant compare the two at all. just like you cant compare big and pac in anyway except they died around the same time. that comparison drives me crazy pac isnt close to big
  12. well I think that you're right in some cases, but not with biggie and tupac. I think they're truly talented and if they were still alive would like be named within the top 5 rappers still.

    Let me just slip into my flame/troll-proof vest before this next statement.

    Nirvana is a good example of someone who gets much more credit than they deserve because of cobain's death. Again, this is only my opinion. I was only like 5 during the time nirvana was big so maybe I don't understand fully how great they really were.
  13. If you didn't promptly slap that bitch the moment she said that...well, let's just say you'd better have promptly slapped that bitch the moment she said that.
  14. it think it's been pretty unanimous here..
  15. i just dont understand the battle here
    biggie and lil weiner have diffrent styles
    and i wouldent even call biggie the best raper ever anyway

    biggie is like: street style/a little oldschool/lover rap
    to me
    and lil weiner is like: gangstar/iconic fake thug/ radio rap

    im not sure but im going to have to say there should be another thread that pits lil weiner aganst some one hes more like such as 50 cent lol.

    and we all know who biggie would be best battle against
  16. haha that's the normal reflex, but i had to control myself because she's a friend of mine. i figured i'd try to enlighten her first, but if that doesn't work the backhand will be coming.
  17. biggie by a landslide, no questions asked.
  18. Wayne shouldn't even be compared to Biggie.

    RIP BIG.
  19. U cant compare Weezy to Biggie. Its just No contest (in Bigs favor)
    Yeah I can listen to the Carter III thoroughly wit the exception of a couple songs. BUT Big was sick. compared to Wayne, BIG is HIV while Wayne is the Flu. (haha dont ask)

    BUt I'll admit WAYNE is a BEAST by TODAYS standards. While rap is in a decline Dr. Carter is there to Revive it (along with a few other)

    U can call me a bigger fan Of WAYNE but biggie will just Murder him in a battle

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