Biggie Smalls

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Love & Loyalty, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. I just have to mention Biggie, I mean, this man is like a god to me. Biggie Smalls was the illest, realest! Ain't nobody could ever fill Biggies shoes.

    Hit up "Victory 2004" by Puff Daddy to hear some tight rhymes featuring Biggie ... the man.

    Yo Biggie, RIP my nigga, Love & Loyalty, never forget. I'm carrying the torch still in my heart, L&L till I die.
  2. rip big...yeh he is the realest, the victory song on fight night 2004 is hot
  3. ... is the greatest!
  4. notorious big is tight, along with bone thugs...for sure, and twista, big tymers and do or die

  5. no offense, but Big Tymers??? they are garbage. listen to pac, mos def, talib, canibus, biggie..real mcs

  6. i agree
  7. if you like biggie, then you should listen to rap phenomenon by dj vlad, its alot of his good music mixed with different beats. its pretty dope.2pac also has one go to if your interested

  8. Great CD....

    Why does everyone think im called frank white?

    Biggie for Life

    RIP BIG.
  9. i really like "gimme the loot" and "whats beef"
  10. i dont listen to any rap but i likd biggie alot, i like the east coast sounds better then west.
  11. 2pac the best ever came.... he took the meaning of rap into a other level.....
  12. biggie and 2pac were overrated in my opinion but both are still tight
  13. Big Poppa is a kickass song. :)

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