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biggets bud contest

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. come one come all. and show of the biggets bud u have ever got on carera..
  2. hears my entry

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  4. thats more of a brick not a bud

    PS. u donts gota yell
  5. yeah dude..the hole point of this is to post pick of the biggets bud that U have had
  6. 8grams here.

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  7. Here's one of my B.C. Big Bud cola's from last summer. Cut early due to mold forming. Not quite ready but made for some good smoking while I waited for the rest.

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  8. haha not bad not bad at all, n weedboss thats alotta weed! :)
  9. ummm the bud looks devine BCGrower i wanna munch it!
  10. god damn it...y do i gota lose all my own contest (***NOTE**** it not over yet)
  11. k Mr i deleted that las pic ill try to stop shoutin 2 dude
  12. HIGH All, here's a couple of our Donkey Dick BUDs. Can't remember what they weighed.

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  13. Fuck dude those are some awesome buds. I wish I had 'em.
  14. good damn it them some big buds...any way just a little queston for ya unoit u all was seem to say "our" is that just some thing u say or u grow with a lot of ppl.....thanks.......peaces.....MrSbb
  15. I knew my pic would lose cos its smaller, but if it were a potency contest, it'd sure be in the running. Let's have a G.C. CUP !!
  16. HIGH All, MrSmokebigbuds I say "us, we" because my LHM (Left Hand Man) is my real Bro and we've been growing for a few decades together. He has his and I have mine (rooms)...but I Allways say "us" because half of the seeds we get go to him. It's good when the same plants are grown differently under different conditions in different enviroments.
  17. Well, it's not the biggest I've seen (that would have to be the "baseball bats" this WVa grower used to show me), but a bud of mine showed me this one here. The big bud is approx. 8" (20 cm) and pretty stinky. Not bad for his first grow, eh?

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  18. no, not bad at all.....thanks...peaces...MrSbb
  19. dont got any pics but the biggest bud i remember ever getting was a 14gram bud , bought a half oz and it was just one big solid bud........every now and then like maybe once a month ill buy a quarter and its just one big bud.

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