biggest regret ever....

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    so if you really read this whole thing than damn...kudos..

    so i was dating this girl ashley for about a month. she said that she didnt want anything too serious. so i didnt come on too strong at all. so after about a month and a half of us talking my friend tells us hes throwing a camping trip and all these people are the time i was a year out of high school and i went camping with a about 18 juniors and seniors from a catholic high school.i asked my girlfriend if she was going with me...she said she didnt want to go at all..i said alright its her decision... so we go on this trip buying 13 cases of beer and 16 bottles of alcohol...and i really couldent count how much smoke we had. anyway im a driver in a 3 car convoy packed with people..i have 5 other people in my car. i drive a ford taurus...and my car was the alcohol wagon. well we hot box about 12 blunts before we get joke..
    i had about 4 beers by the time we got there...i drank them in 20 we get there im...well slightly buzzing, and extremly high..we continue to party and i noticed this beautiful girl i had to talk to...we start talkin and i realize that ive known her almost my whole life and never realized it. her dad has been best friends with my grandpa since we have been its about 10:30 at night...mind you im completley trashed...

    i go into the cabin to rest for a the only one in there..soon enough i hear the door open..dont think anything of it...well its the girl ive been talkin to all night(Lauren)...she comes to my bed side and says dont go to bed yet..come outside a bit i do..we smoke and drink more..around 2 am everyone decides to lay down..
    i just get done brushing my teeth at the river, i go inside and lay down....i ended up having hot sweaty passionate sex with the angel of my dreams for 3 hours..felt like 20 a room filled with a bunch of my good friends...the next day i call ashley...she said are you sure lauren wont get mad that your talking to me? i said you never wanted anything from said you didnt want to move too i told her i found someone that and lauren ended up having nothing but a physical relationship...and i lost the girl that i actually had potential with...

    long story short...

    dont ruin something good for something that feels good momentarily
  2. There are plenty of beautiful intelligent chicks that you can fall in love with, do not fret about one...
  3. The grass is always's the 80 - 20 rule!!! The right one will come
  4. Something like this happened to me and fucked up my whole life. Went to my friends house to spend the night, got a handle of some smirnoff. That night was the first night id ever been drunk(not dranken, but drunk). So my BEST FRIEND'S incredibly hot sister is smoking and drinking with us on his lawn. Well 11 shots and 5 joints later, Im in my BEST FRIEND'S bed, getting my DICK SUCKED BY HIS SISTER.

    Lets just say that didn't go over to well with my girlfriend or my bestfriend, and leave it at that
  5. psh you shouldnt have told her, its highschool :cool:
  6. wheres the epic story buttom :cool:
  7. Live and learn, still alot of girls out there.
    && be good next time.
  8. It must have been one hot sex. Congratulations to both of you.
  9. at least you learned something OP.....

    the grass may be greener on the other side, but when you get there you realize that where you were before had an in-ground pool and a marijuana field.
  10. my biggest regret ever? losing my virginity to a girl that i liked, never told her because my friends said she was a ho. now one of my friends who was talking shit about her when they first met, is dating her. me and that kid will never be the same anymore.

    not only did that shit break my heart, but it seriously fucked my head up for 2 months.

    i just heard somebody referr to her as, "shanes girl" last night and it struck a nerve
  11. same thing happened to me man

    no joke
  12. to the OP. listen man you fucked up big time. but you still have a chance. if you cant get back with that girl whatsoever, then just live right and be a good person. if you live right youll get yours, because its due.
  13. Sounds like you had more fun with this Lauren chick then you ever did with this Ashley chick but hey if you really feel its worth it you'll fight for it. Right now society is dictating your pace. Get over that and do what the fuck you did, like u fucking that Lauren chick and enjoying the shit out of it. It felt good didnt it?
  14. nothing ever felt more right in my life
  15. So why make it feel wrong? You've been reborn. Learn how to walk now :smoke:
  16. lol...its a bit more complicated...shes in college and im in the airforce

    trust me if i could have it my way she would be living on base with me...but i would feel selfish
  17. Coming from someone who underwent some of the same shit as you, all i can say is learn from the experience, don't get stuck on it, and wait for someone else to come along. Unless you have a chance of winning your woman back
  18. word....ive been thinking alot about it

    thx guys for ur input:smoke:

  19. What are we talking about? LEARN how to walk. :wave:
  20. You're bragging about drinking four beers while driving. Goddamn you're cool.

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