Biggest lol of a bust

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  1. For the record, i turn 19 at the end of the month and i live at home with my parents and sister. Cliffnotes at the end.


    About 2 months ago, my 24 year old sister asked me if i would help her take care of a dog if she got one. I told her no, what with my new job and summer classes im not going to have time for that. I explained to her that puppies were a lot of work, as i witness my friends mom deal with their new puppy. She got very angry at my remarks and stomped out of the room.

    Fast forward about a month and a half later, my parents agree to let my sister keep a puppy at our house since she is supposedly moving out (for the 2nd time). Immediately she asks me to pick up her dog's shit for when she is at work. But what she doesnt realize is that i have summer classes about 40 minutes away and a job.

    I got a good look at the puppy and decided i could clean up its shit a couple times. So i did, but lately school has been getting busy and ive been getting more hours at work.

    Day of the bust: Today i got home from school and had a sesh with my friends. They left and i made some lunch. I got a call from my sister and she was checking up on her dog. Her dog had been asleep for most of the day, i let it out of the room it was staying in (small dog, confined to decent sized room half the day) so she could stretch her legs.

    She asks me if i had cleaned up the dogs pee/shit pads. I said no. In the same tone of voice she asked me if her dog shit on the floor anywhere, i said yeah she did. Right after she heard that her dog pooped on the floor she exploded on me. Threatening to tell my parents that i have been smoking pot for 3 years right under their nose.

    I told her to calm down and that she was being very rash and unreasonable. I told her id pick up her dog shit, but that it wasnt my responsibility and that i told her 2 months ago i wouldnt help her.

    She got home at the same time my parents did and asked me if i wanted to tell them myself. I told her if she really wanted to go through with it, to do it herself as i still had my own selfrespect. My parents were pissed, but they have caught me and have known that i smoke before. They had a stern talking with me for 20 minutes.

    Now heres the good part:
    Even though i got in trouble with my parents, i thought this entire situation was extremely hilarious. I was still a bit faded from earlier so it was a good laugh for me when i saw how angry my sister got over a piece of shit she didnt want to clean up.

    My parents were angry with my sister because she tried using my smoking and drinking as blackmail for me to clean up after her dog. As my sister was standing between my parents (me on my futon cough) and verbally attacking me trying to get me in even more trouble (shes 24 years old btw), my mom said that it really wasnt my responsibility to clean up after her dog. My sister retorted, "but he cant pick up one piece of poop?", i commented back "you cant either? its your dog...".

    At that point my sister exploded (for the 2nd time today) and went nuts. My parents told her that it was her dog and her responsibility. But apparently in my sister's mind, that its her dog only...but i have to help...

    A half an hour later everything is back to normal, im punished because my parents pay for my college tuition, and covered half of my DUI expense. So im glad that im in the position i am could have been much worse (could have been kicked out). But my sister was still bitching. She stomped out of the house because my parents didnt agree with her on making me clean up her dog shit. She came back 10 minutes later, ran in to my room and punched me in my arm as hard as she could. It hurt...but what i said to her probably made her feel terrible...

    "are you really 24 years old?" after she left the room. 5 minutes later she walks by my room and says "fuck you". I honestly cant help but smile.

    If you were too lazy to read my novel...
    1. My sister was angry i didnt clean up after her dog, even after i told her i wouldnt (i did clean up after it for a week or two though)
    2. Sister threatens to tell my parents i smoke and drink still because i didnt clean up her dog shit.
    3. Sister actually tells my parents i still smoke and drink because i didnt clean up her dog shit.
    4. I sit there dumbfounded because i never thought my sister would stoop so low.
    5. I got in some trouble.
    6. Sister gets in trouble for trying to blackmail me
    7. Sister punches me and i question her maturity (shes 24 with a fulltime job and a bachelor's degree..)
    8. I sit and laugh despite getting in trouble.
  2. summary: your sister is a bitch

  3. that she is. Probably on the rag.
  4. Sister = bitch
  5. LOL.

    Immature for sure.
    next time it shits on the floor, put it on her bed
  6. ............


  7. for each piece of poop u pick up for her, take a shit on her bedroom floor so you share responsibility like good siblings
  8. If I were you I'd kill the dog, that would really send her over the edge.
  9. well im glad you guys were able to get a kick out of this. Im not in too much trouble and my sister is pissed off.

    Because of my sister im going to have to stop smoking the ganj for a bit. The last time i got in trouble the longest i lasted without weed was a month...hopefully i can make it longer and save some money. An eighth a week is expensive sometimes >.<
  10. Man, you said it with, "Are you really 24 years old?" That is ridiculous. Mind blowing.
  11. its safe to say your sister is ignorant.
  12. :hello:

    That was funny, my mom's dog, yes, it was never my dog, I said the dog is not my responsibility because it shits and pisses constantly, and whenever i see shit in my room and my mom refuses to pick it up, i calmly pick it up with a paper towel and toss it under my moms bed when shes not looking... and this happened a lot
    When she finally got tiered of smelling pieces of shit under her bed she was convinced it was her stupid little dog the whole time being stubborn and unable to be housebroken taking dumps under her bed every other day or so.. she ended up giving it away and i ended up getting a dog i actually like.
  14. I notice alot of people get irrational over little shit when i am high. Like people are ass holes for no reason, but im sure I do it when im sober too, as i catch myself in stupid arguments sometimes. Anyways, moral is no stupid shit like this if everyone slowed down and took a few rips off a joint...
  15. I say whenever you let the dog out to take a shit, instead of letting it outside or somewhere else in the house, put it in your sister's room and close the door.
  16. My sister is 32 and still acts 12. She too resorted to telling my parents I smoked weed and indulged myself in a little pill action every now and again. When my parents found out they hit the fucking roof, what she forgot to mention is where I was getting the pills... from her and she was stealing them from my dad. So, she fucked herself. :p

    Great story, good way to handle that bitch.
  17. you should start picking up the dog shit and hiding it in little cracks and shit in her room and in her car
  18. is your sister hot? because if she's not, then it sounds like she's got nothing going for her in life.
  19. I notice that too. There seems to be little perspective in the world these days.

  20. haha. Same kind of deal with my sister. She has known for over a year that i have been smoking and drinking. When she told my parents, my dad asked her why she waited so long. Then my parents realize she was trying to blackmail me. She then tried to make up a story of how she cared so much about me....but if she cared so damn much...why didnt tell them sooner? ;)

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