Biggest Grow in US?

Discussion in 'General' started by sysdownfall, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. I was just thinking... Most of the large outdoor grow ops are located in mexico or south america. Just because of laws and whatnot. But how big do you think the biggest (outdoor) grow in america is? It cant be THAT big. or else it would be easily found by authorities. Whaddya think?
  2. i was in humbolt county an couple of summers ago and there was a bust on a old grower that had 12,000 maturing plants and like 7,000 clones. it probaly left the area a little more dry than it would have been that season.
  3. Well whereever this place is(?)

  4. I doubt it. Thats no more than an acre. Places in south america have hundreds of acres.
  5. Then again, that is South America...
  6. You know... in Sunday School they used to ask us what we envisioned heaven to be like... and every one of the answer the others kids gave were wrong... That picture my friend, is just the otherside of the Pearly Gates
  7. Lol :D
  8. That's a sick grow, but just in the last area, over 75,000 pot plants were found in a nearby state. North Carolina has had some mad crazy sweeps. They found ~15,000 plants in Wayne county, 50,000 found in Goldsboro, and another 10,000 found somewhere else. I don't how to explain it but I knew a drought was coming this summer. I knew they were doing sweeps and I knew we would be in a hardcore drought.

    Things are so crazy right now beaster is going for 55-60 an 8th, mids going for 40 an 8th, shit is wack! I am SO glad I stocked up on headies :smoking:
  9. hell if i know.

    but i do know this,the owner is one lucky son of a bitch
  10. Have you guys seen the movie "without a paddle" ?? If so, how many plants do you think they have growing.. before they're all burnt up?? Its a big field of them! I know that for sure.. that movie is fucking hilarious.. i think i'm gonna go smoke and then watch it.. later!

    -Eric :bongin:

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