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    The Juggernaut :bongin:


    homemade from a 5 gallon glass water jug, hoses, rubber stopper, and defused brass down stem, a 14.5mm bowl slides in with easy and makes a perfectly airtight seal, its made for 2 people to smoke at the same time but will probably be adding 2 more hoses in the future
  2. Wow, looks clean. I bet it destroys.

    Good job, Plus rep

  3. thanks it does, you can pack a bowl and it lasts for the longest time while your still getting huge hits, the hits are so cool too because of all the water
  4. me and a friend of mine made 1 the other day. but its not like a hookah though. and it was hard to fill up. i almost got a body high from trying to fill it up. then it took like 30 hit to clear it. but i was really high in the end so yea your gonna have fun with that monster. good job
  5. I bet that thing has a huge amount of drag with all the water

  6. i've had it for a while now and its treated me well, id love to see pics of yours if possible

    it seems like that but once you use it you realize the drags not bad at all
  7. that, my friend, is sick! :D i am jealous.
  8. oh will do.
  9. I want a Milk Shot lol!
  10. Holy shit. Why have I not thought of this.

  11. haha thanks

    I'll post one soon
  12. how do you put holes in glass

    i would totally make something like that but i cant put a hole in glass

    if you could help me out with this i could make one toatlly yeah
  13. haha. me and some friends made one of those a couple years ago, but without water in ours. really, it was more like one big communal pipe. ours had 4 hoses, and 2 of the people smoking were total noobs and only inhaled while the flame was to the herb. my friend and myself however, got ripped out of our minds. XD
  14. Creative, but will take for ever to clear that thing... I rather have something I can clear in 1 hit.

  15. the easiest way is with a glass drillbit in a dremel, it can also be done with a regular drill but will take much longer
  16. Its cool, but unnecessary. The smoke only touches like 1/6th of the water, the rest is just added drag. Still +rep for awesome creativity though.

  17. are you sure about this, and if so how could i make there be less drag?
  18. Well just like how bongs are a lot thinner, thats what you would have to do. I wouldn't change it if I were you though, that thing would be sweet to smoke out of. Just use a real piece sometimes and change to that to spice it up a little.

  19. I usually use my store bought bong (Milk Shot), i just bring this out when ever im with a bunch of people
  20. i thought of this from the topic name


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