biggest fire youv made?

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  1. whats the biggest fire you guys have made? this past weekend i went camping with two buddies and we made like a 7 foot fire which was awesome as SHIT!!! so tell me, the city, the answer
  2. 8 foot. Boom. I made it 1 foot taller than yours so that I could be better. :cool:
  3. I'd rather not incriminate myself publicly. :cool:
  4. i remember back in high school there was this wannabe gangbanger that would always tag my garage with their stupid gang shit and i decided fuck this my parents kept having to paint over it about 5 times. so i figured out where he lived and did some recon, found out which one was his car. he always parked in front on the street so me and my cousin smashed 2 molotovs in his car and blew that shit up. after that he never tagged my garage again:devious:
  5. We have about a 7'x7'x2' fire pit out back.

    Last year I had it full of burning wood. It wasn't the tallest fire, but after a few hours it was easily the hottest fire I've ever made.

    Tallest fire I've ever had going was probably about 10 feet.
  6. The local childrens hospital that thing went up like paper all the gas probably didn't help though
  7. I moved on to a new property once and after clearing some brush I had a bonfire that must have been 15 feet tall, almost as big as my house.
    The snow in my yard was black as the fucking night.
  8. I mean, once we had a fire that was a good 12 feet high, but it was in a fire pit that was a foot off the ground anyway.

    Does that count?

    Do we get an award for putting too many flammables in the fire pit? :p
  9. That's one way to kill cancer huh?
  10. If you get a good wood fire going and blow an inflatable bed pump through a metal tube, you can melt a penny. Some other coins too, but I don't remember which ones.

  11. The way I see it I saved those parrents a shit ton in medical bills
  12. Old VW engine cases are made of magnesium. Know what happens when you throw a big chunk of magnesium on a bonfire? :eek:
  13. Is it like when somebody puts plastic in the fire and you have to wait a while to cook your hot dogs?
  14. Approximately 11' 2" burning at 2,700 degrees. Yes, quite an intense fire indeed.

  15. Destroyed retnas
  16. Here's a story.

    Once me and my cousin wen't to his basement.There was a shitload of rat's.So we grabbed the gas ,pured it on the rat's and fired them up.Every rat that was on fire we let him go outside.After an hour we hear firetruck's.We went outside only to see that everything went on fire because of the burning rat's.The rat's when't on the field's,small shelter's and shit.

  17. Magnesium<thermite
  18. i lit my rents car on fire when i was like four lol
  19. Made a 20 foot fire a couple of times, through some couches In a huge ass burn pile with some
    Tires and set that shit off

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