Biggest Douchebag of The Century.

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. So, As I'm sitting here eating my super spicy General Tso's chicken, I got to thinking about people I didn't like. I decided to see what Grasscity thought...

    So, if you could pick a few people ( 1-5) to be nominated for the "Biggest Douchebag Award" over the last 100 years, who would YOU vote for?

    Adolf hitler- Bad man. HE believed fully in what he did, but WHAT he did was completely insane...

    Michael Moore- This guy deserves it more than Hitler in my eyes. Exploiting shit to make a quick penny, people are FUCKED up. I'm sorry, but anyone believes the fountain of bullshit spewing from his mouth... You get nominated too :D.

    What do you guys think?
  2. david blain or russel crowe :hello:
  3. Haha, I forgot about Russel... Good call dude!
  4. Male - Kevin Federline
    Female - Avril Lavigne
    Just two that come to mind right away
  5. I hate that Chris Angel guy.

    No real reason- just seems like a loser.

    Mind Freak- come on.......... get over yourself buddy, your just a magician.
  6. joakim noah from florida, that guy just makes me so angry i absolutely hate him!
  7. I understand Chris Angel but why Joakim Noah, tjwettem?
  8. that guy just thinks he's soo good, and he's really an at best average player. He got soo much hype because the guys around him made him look good. I cant really describe what it is, but i just dont like that guy.
  9. Hmm... Sounds about right. I would vote the detective who tried to get me to narc, haha.

    But seriously, He's a real dickhead.
  10. i havent really thought about celebs but
    some kids back in high school wow
    biggest dickheads ever theres only a couple but they deserve it
    they really didnt pick on me just other kids i would see them fuckin with
    i could pour gasoline all over thier houses then light it and watch it burn with them inside
    and thenn id be proud to say i did that
  11. I would like to vote for the people who go through the express lane with way too many items, and then pay with checks.
  12. ^Haha, yeah. I'd say everybody's favorite, W. Or maybe Lindsay Lohan?
  13. Billy Fucillo
  14. Nobodys said Bush yet?
    O nope, Dahlia did :)
  15. why? he's a good player..

    oh and my vote goes to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  16. Bill Oreilly
  17. David Blaine or Fred Phelps.
  18. 1.)Bill Oreilly
    2.)Sean Hannity
    3.)Nancy Grace
    4.)Phelps family
  19. how about that dude from creed?
    Scott Stapp?

    i hate that piece of shit so much....

    matt damon also gets on my nerves, but i can't help watching some of the movies he's in :-\
  20. I don't know, the century just started 7 years ago. Kind of hard to predict the future.

    So far though.hmmm

    Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson
    that Iranian fuckhead
    Fred Phelps

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