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Biggest Derp

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CWHambone, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Snowed in for the night. No school tomorrow. go to friends apt.. load two bowls of voodoo kush.. 2 hours later... he passes bowl "it's vaped weed.. with kief".


  2. uhhh what?
  3. :confused:

    Offtopic:Is your avatar a big tree dick?

    Edit 2: Definitely a bong lmfao -facepalm-

  4. :confused::confused_2:
  5. Sorry.. should have been more clear. It's snowing in my town, so there is no school tomorrow. So to celebrate I went to a friends apartment to smoke. I loaded two bowls of voodoo kush, Then a few hours later in an attempt to match what I had contributed he offers me a bowl of vaped weed that has kief sprinkled onto it.

    Couldn't be rude and say no... so I guess I got browns.
  6. Ohhhh..yeah..a lot easier to understand with that clarification lol.
    But damn dude..for real lol? Some already vaped weed with a little kief sprinkled on top? :(
    Shit at least you all got to smoke..I guess lol..
  7. Hahah. It's nbd honestly. It's almost endearing. He's like rl butters or something. lolz :p

  8. Thats how I originally interpreted it.. shit sucks man, and I bet your bud couldn't have been cheap, either.
  9. "Oh hamburgers" lmao
  10. His avatar is a huge purple bong and charmandar is hugging / lighting it.

    edit: [sic] squirtel is inside for the water
  11. Charmander appears to be attempting to make love to the bong while lighting it
  12. Lol didn't see squirtle there..also didn't realize bulbasaur is the bud in the bowl :) epic
  13. ummm excuse me for asking but what the fuck is derp???

  14. Welcome to the Interwebs, Enjoy your stay :hello:
  15. voodoo kush ahahhaahhahhahahahah
  16. yyyeeeaaahhh still didnt answer my question nobody i kno of uses that shit

  17. Let's say you go to put the milk back where the cereal should be..
    Plain and simple.
  18. #18 CWHambone, Feb 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2011
    I feel like the word Derp is self explanatory... like intuitively you should just know.

    Allow me to provide context that ought to help you understand how appropriate the word is for describing stupid actions.

    derp derp herp derpitty herp durdy derp.

    If that's not retarded.. I don't know what is.

    And yes. my avatar is pretty sweet. Thanks. :D

    [edit]- Have you never seen Rob Schneider on south park?
  19. It's pretty dank. The high feels like a black magic possession. makes me trip out real hard, y'know?

  20. mwhahahaha :devious:

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