Biggest Coincidence of My Life

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  1. Last night a really crazy coincidence happened. I'm in college, and I was smoking with my friend Andrew in his dorm room. Then he's like, "Yo, you want to eat some Oreo cake?" And I'm like, "Yes!" because I was high and had the munchies.

    So we walk down the hall to this kid Jake's room, where the cake was supposed to be. But he says he gave it to our friend Mark. So then we walk Mark's room (all of these people, by the way, are on our floor on our side of the hall), but his roommate says he is passed out, which I can also plainly see. So since he was asleep, he couldn't tell us where the cake was, and we were fucked.

    I was tired, so I said goodnight to Andrew and headed towards my room. Then I see my friend Aaron walking down the hall, so I say hey. And then he's like, totally randomly, "Hey man want some cake?" and surprise like filled my body. I asked if he had just heard what was going on outside, and he's like "No,", so I'm like, "Dude, this is such a huge coincidence." This was literally the one time in college, maybe in life, where I was physically searching for cake, and then Aaron said this was the first time in college he had offered cake. If this isn't a crazy coincidence, I don't know what is!
  2. I think you done just had your mind blown, sir.
  3. That's mad crazy, man.
  4. That was the worst story, ever.

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  5. chill out bro.

    that shit was pretty amazing.

  6. Was joking man.


  7. I thought it was pretty cool.
  8. lol kind of hard to tell, i guess :smoking: means your jokin no matter how serious you sound?

  9. I'm gay.

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  11. Yeah, that kind of confused me Budfather, ha... well I PMed you about things. Anyways, yeah it's a crazy coincidence, college really has been insane, especially the second semester.
  12. Hey, when you get into a cake mood NOTHING can satisfy it other than cake. That was a great coincidence OP. What flavor was this new cake?
  13. I know why people love to eat while high, but it seems like some of you do it just for pleasure while carelessly killing the high.
  14. question - what college do you go to?! because i definitely want people offering me cake while i'm blunted like a mothafucka!
  15. Haha. Last week my car broke down at my work, so I go back with some baking soda to uncorrode the battery terminals.

    I wasn't sure if the battery was dead and I had no tools to do anything.

    Then some guy who happened to be a professor in electricity walked up with a volt meter and a wire brush to clean the terminals.

    I was trippin. Such randomness.
  16. So....did you ever get the cake?
  17. i agree with both of those...somehow..
  18. I was hoping for some crazy adventure story. : (
  19. haha man, only when you're high.

  20. so s another bowl after eating dum dum haha problem solved

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