Biggest close calls?

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  1. Trying to learn from the mistakes of others. Like this one time my parents went out and I decided to take the time to grind up my weed. I thought I should use my fingers and pick out every single grain since I had the time instead of just crushing it in the bag. I sprayed off my desk after I did it and made sure that no remains were in the table. I vacuumed the carpet to make sure none were on the ground either.

    My mom came home and I thought the scent was gone. She almost instantly came in my room to talk to me and she smelled something. She thought it was cat piss since we had a cat. I was seriously frustrated when she was smelling all over my room. She let it off as cat pee and cleaned my carpet and the smell was gone to her. Weird to think that because there were no wet spots. Thanks Snowball.

    Any of you guys got some close calls?

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  2. Yeah bro once after school on a Friday me and my burner friends lit one up in the basement of my family home, thinking surely it would air out before my rents came home... Yep air out, through the whole house and they came home early.

    Was busted.

    The police almost busted stories are better then the parent ones IMHO.

    Once in front of a state trooper who pulled me and a friend over I pulled a "magic" hiding drawer container out of my pocket when he asked what it was, opened the false drawer without breaking eye contact, replied this is my empty pill case and put it directly back into my pocket with no hesitation. He nodded, made me stomp on the pack of smokes (I was young at the time) and we were on our way. He never knew what was in the case, so close to his beady little eyes.
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  3. Back when i was in high school i smoked a bowl in my basement at night and on the way back up i stepped on a rake. 2 minutes later my mom walked downstairs and smelled smoke coming from the basement and thought there was something wrong with the heater. i guess the sound of the rake just woke her up and she didnt realize i was in the basement or it was just bad luck she walked down then but either way still was lucky for me
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  4. Once on vacation my friend and i were ripping a bowl in my car before going fishing. Midway through a police officer pulls into the spot next to us and gets out of his car and basically runs into the bathroom at the park we were at. Saved by his need to shit lol but the underlying theme of the story is to never smoke at a park, that's how they get you
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  5. Lol how old are you if you have to hide smoking from your parents?? Sounds like something a billy would say...
  6. I once was on a blunt drive in a winding part of a secluded suburban town in Virginia.

    Three of us passing a blunt after a wild night of alcohol and other fun hilarity. Let's just say we came from a party and I had filled my pockets FOR the party with a squirt gun, a spray bottle full of water, a CAP gun, a bunch of silly string, silly putty, basically, toys in every pocket of two different jackets I wore doubled up, it was cold.

    He pulled up behind us, riding our ass but did not put on the red and blues (at this point they were flashy blue and white I think, which we would find out shortly).

    We sped off as what we were doing was notorious for attracting attention from the local yokels, who sometimes would do this to make you fear they would run you off the road.

    We got ahead and pulled into a pull through U shaped driveway and turned off the engine and lights, we were not stoked.

    As he passes he slows, then stops, then reverses and starts to box us in so we start the car and try to speed off, THEN come in the lights and the driver just whispers, "EAT IT".

    My poor pal in the rear does just that as a red faced furious cop comes running up to the window.

    Get this, he practically sees and can certainly smell the blunt, my friend is chomping down on a practically unsmoked blunt, the bastard, and the driver refuses to roll down the window or unlock the car.

    He tries to pass the drivers license and insurance docs out the sun roof and the cop is so so mad.

    Driver feints ignorance and says that is how I thought traffic stops were done, we are lost city folk and cannot find the highway, etc. laying it on thick. Other friend unfortunately, goes to jail, another story for another time...

    But man oh man when they searched me and found all those toys I felt like Felix the fucking cat. One cop, of course so many showed up, even tried to give me shit about having a cap gun on my person, like it was dangerous, and I just laughed, and obeyed and we got directions when we left...

    I think that may have been the night I lost my virginity, hot damn. Good times.
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  7. OMG saved by the pussy huh?

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  8. Some parents are strict, and if their "child" still lives under their roof, they still have to abide by their rules.

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  9. One night I was on the way home with a QP in the car. I was about 60 miles from home when my lights started getting dimmer and dimmer. I pulled into a convenience store. I explained my car situation to the clerk. He was closing up but said I could sleep in my car there. I'd been there about an hour when I was woken up by a flash light shining in my face. It was a sheriff's deputy. I explained my situation and he drove off. I tried starting my car and the lights were back to normal. Got back on the road, had gone 20 miles or so when the lights started to go again.

    I saw a gas station that looked like it was open so I pulled in there. Unfortunately it was closed. Then my car wouldn't start. A cop pulled in. When I walked up to his car he had his pistol out. I explained what was going on. By this time I was 30 minutes from my home. I had the cop call me a tow truck and finally got back home. The tow truck driver was cool and towed my car for $50.
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    One time when I was fairly new to bud, I had some super dank, really smelly shit hidden in my closet. My mom came in and smelled it, then said "there must be a skunk outside." I quickly agreed.

    Another time, I was driving home from college stoned with weed and unmentionables in the car when I got pulled over for speeding. I played it cool with the cop and left with just the speeding ticket. Let that be a lesson to you all: when riding dirty, follow all traffic laws. Don't break two laws at once!

    Maybe I will add my dorm blunt story later.

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