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  1. Well for me it was a time at my buds house and we were smoking some major bowlage on his deck. so at this point im reallly baked and as im going to take another hit from the bowl I accudentaly put the lighter too close to my hair and hear like crackling and burnt hair.

    so for THE REST OF THE NIGHT im am consitanly feeling my hair all paranoid and asking my buddies if i look normal (had to see parents next day) its nothing huge, but it killed my buzz for the rest of the night.
  2. When someone does something retarded in my house... for example:

    Burns the carpet with a cigarette
    Burns ME with a cigarette
    Spills beer on my floor
    Pukes in my living room

    These are all things that get everyone kicked out of my place as soon as it happens... it usually only takes one time of me kicking everyone out before they get the idea... anyways all those things are my buzzkillers
  3. Caught by a police officer wandering around performing "mischievous deeds" as he put it, lol.
  4. i was tripping at this kids house, and all of a sudden his room mate comes in more drunk than i've ever seen anyone, and this kid is VIOLENT. like he is baiting everybody trying to start fights with seriously every person in the room, but the drunk idiot is too bashed to stand up straight and he falls down and just starts punching the floor. it was somewhat funny, but at the same time it was like i was picking apart the situation like it was psychology class and it was super disturbing. eventually the kid ripped apart the coffee table, which sucked because i had a decent chunk of hash on there and it got lost. after that the kid just passed out, and i was sufficiently shaken enough to have to leave for the night and go smoke elsewhere haha:smoke:

  5. Oh man, similar to mine. I'm at a party and everyone's chilling having a great time, I had just arrived so I wasn't messed up, but this guy everyone hates but pretends to like gets drunk and wants to fight everyone. I told him to calm down and he snuck one in on me while I was sitting down :rolleyes:. I got up and threw a few and then it got broken up and he got kicked out, pretty much killed that party for me though.
  6. Ah the worst buzzkill... Well it all started with me getting really fucking high in my dormroom the day before I left for winter break.
    I smoked many a bowl of weed then topped a bowl with a LOT of kief.
    That night i was fucking high.
    I get on my computer to look at some porn after I smoked. Little did I know, that I, not the girls on the screen, was going to get fucked, and in the worst way.
    About 30 seconds after opening a site I hear keys on my door. :eek:
    I fucking alt-f4 faster than ever before (thank god I wasn't jerking it yet;)).
    So he walks in and says "it smells kind of funky in here" or some shit like that.
    He knows.
    I give him all my shit, pipe, bubbler, but had no weed on me cause i smoked the shit out of all of it. I got suspended. Had to go to rehab to stay in school.
    Not only was it a buzzkill, I was scared shitless.
  7. So I'm sitting in the kitchen after smoking an L with my friend and my mom gave us chips and dips b/c she's cool with everything. Everything is going cool when my 14 year old sister runs in saying she got a text message saying that my dad was rushed to the hospital. That was on Tuesday. Everything is okay now, but it was a major buzzkill!
  8. Me and my friends were smokin and we were like on the 10th bowl pack on his bong and my mom calls and tells me theres gonna be a thunder storm and to go home

    well first off my rents dont know i smoke and i wasss stonned off my ass
    and on the way home it started raining and thundering and shit

    so yeah maajorr buzzkil:(

    oh and one time i was stoned and my friend got banked...
  9. Umm,

    Probably when you're high as hell and one of your friend suddenly decides to turn emo on you. Start to hate everything around him and keeps commenting negatively everything that everyone does.

  10. My friend told me that his mom would be gone fore the day. We went in his backyard and were smoking in his tent when she caught us. He refused to give her the bowl so she kicked him out. She then calls the cops on us, gives them my friends plates, and sends us off. I ended up walking home for a hour and a half. (worst part was, she was faking, cause my firend got pulled over later, and then cops did nothing but tell him to buckle his seatbelt.)
  11. So a couple days ago i was at a friends house and i had some 20x salvia and a bit of regular dried leaf salvia. I had planned on waiting until some people left so i could do it in a calmer environment and not have a bad trip. We were, of course, completely baked. One friend kept asking me if he could do some salvia, and i finally gave in and let him smoke some of the dried leaf. He had a good time but didnt completely trip. 20 minutes later he wants to try the extract. So again i have to coach him and be a sitter while all i really want to do is sit on the couch and watch fucking spongebob. This time he got way more of a trip than he expected and started freaking out, running aroung and ducking, screaming about how he doesnt trust anything. So while i am high as fuck, i have to calm him down. While he is ducking i talk really slowly and tell him to calm down, it will be over soon, etc. Luckily i am actually a really good sitter so i turned his bad trip into an amazing experience that left him laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes. Total buzzkill because all of a sudden i had to act responsible and calm him down when i just want to enjoy my couchlock.

  12. I would've drawn dicks on him as soon as he passed out.....hehehe
  13. well i already posted this up on a diffrent thread but me and a couple friends smoked with this girl who's never smoked and she started freaking out had a big panic attack and tried to call the cops so for the rest of the high we were tryin to make sure she didnt get a phone...buuut...i was so blazed i thought it was all a joke...wasnt until later that i found out it was real
  14. hey, do you live in the seattle area?
  15. getting shot at with a bb gun by ppl that i thought were cops.

    it sucked...and then it started to rain
  16. I'd say the biggest buzz killer is getting called out by my best friends dad that MIRRORS jack from meet the parents. It's the walking character. walks in: "Hey guys were you smoking marijuana??!" ... dead high silence... (directed to me): "(Name) were you guys smoking.. you wouldn't lie to me would you? (note: my head was on my hand looking at him hahah thinking the whole time can this dude get the PHUCK out of here and let us finish this English project that we WONT finish!

    I told my mom this story about this all time buzz kill by a grumpy middle aged Italian guy. She laughed and said buzz killer huh? "Yeah I was just trying to puff the magic dragon, didn't know i'd be under jacks interrogation." :smoke:
  17. Well me and my good friend got accosted by a drunk gang of thugs at an underpass about a year ago while we were smoking. I know all of them, some of them I'm cool with to the point where we'd never have any beef. Two of them, asians both, I'm totally uncool with, to the point where they hate my guts. One of them was particularly drunk and thought he'd have himself a free eigth off my friend (who's far from the fighting type so perhaps Mr Arab thought he'd be an easy target). Me and my pal are high as fuck and the last thing either of us want to do is fight, but I'm extremely pissed off with the asian thinking he can just rob my friend like that, so I step between them and say 'look here, he paid for that skunk and you're not having a single fucking flake of it.' He looked at me confused as if he didn't know what it was like to be told no, I started talking to one of his friends then out of nowhere BAM! He throws a hook that connects with my temple from behind. I'm stoned as fuck but even so, am 6 foot 4 and very strong, so all the punch succeeded in doing was enraging me. He tries laying into me but I grab him by the wrist and twist it into a Fedor Emmelienko style lock then drag him up this hill onto the main road. All the while I'm praying to God that I don't see red because I'd have lost it and flew into them all and me and my friend would have got pulverized. I manage to keep my cool and twist his wrist further, all the while he's in agony and keeps screaming 'get the fuck off me.' I looked him stone coldly square in the eye and said softly 'if you don't stop I'm gonna break your arm.' This obviously scared the fuck out of him because he quickly said 'okay okay okay!' But I kept onto the lock and said 'when we walk this way, you're gonna walk that way and nothing will come of this. I know your name, I don't want to have to call the police.' Suprisingly, they went the opposite way and nothing more came of it and I never had any trouble off that gang since.

    It was a total buzzkill at the time, but looking back, I was extremely proud of the way I dealt with it.
  18. last night i parked in a handicap to get a drink at the store and a swat jeep with two atf agents pulls up right allong my car..i was so scared they smelled my stash cuz i had a lit blunt in the drivers panel and a qp in the passenger panel and my window was down a good bit..i used a line from a chappelle stand up and said " i didnt kno i couldnt do that..i said it in a foreign accent and they said ok well now u know..i was shitting bricks yall

    they asked me for my drivers licence and documents and shit..i had already gotten a 50 dollar ticket for my seatbelt not too long ago, my next ticket will cost 100...and that is alot of money that could go towards weed or any other indulgances
  19. the other day i had 2 firecrackers and about 3 bowls. i was just chillin out watchin tv stoned when my mom calls and tells me that i need to bring her my tv. so pretty much i get to lug a old ass 40'' tv around and drive an hour there and an hour back. i was still high most of the day, but it made it all kinda a pain in the ass.:(
  20. I got arrested. End of story.

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