Biggest Buds (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by illcid, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. +++ Biggest Bud Contest +++

    I dont care if its from your personal stuff, or from the net, just post em.

    +++ Biggest Bud Contest +++

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  2. A really stupid question, but the stuff we smoke, is that just the buds in their natural state?

    For those of you who grow, what stages do you go through before you get the final smokable buds.... sorry for the dumb question...
  3. gimme a break, giiiimme a break, break me off a piece of that big fat bud!
  4. Like that picture..... is that stuff dried or anything before it becomes like that? Or is that the way it grows, and you just snip it off and smoke it....
  5. Fuckin Beautiful thats all i can say for that bud! how much did that weigh up 2?
  6. This pic caused a bit of a stir in the BB Contest Part 1 because i got it from the net although i was supposed 2 send my own, but now i have the chance here we go everone, ENJOY :D

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  7. Holy HELL! Im budless and bored! lol
  8. From what I gathered, buds have to be hung upsidedown(?) to dry before the bud is smokeable, don't wanna inhale any wetness heh. Oh you have to cut off all the little leaves around the bud too (duh). If there's more, I don't know about it.

  9. Who u actually taLking to, i don't think any body said anything about that. (((DUH)))
  10. boss, man , ya must be blown...

    scope out the first couple posts...
  11. that second pic looks like it went through PS before it got on the net
  12. the glare doesnt hit the bud . . . almost got it

    if u look closely nothing else is unfocused
    if u look closely theres glare in the corner and on the high times thing
    if u look closely u can even see glare behind on the wall a little

  13. -Peace-

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  14. lol from is the chistmas tree

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  15. wait .... omg omg omg look at that yield!!!

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  16. its always good to look at cool pics

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  17. his is at 60 days flower under a 1000 hps

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  18. All them buds r so damn tasty, gimme gimme gimme!!!

  19. when the buds are ready to be harvested theyre cut and trimmed, then dried (hung upside down). once theyre dried enough theyre cured for about a month. theres a few different ways of curing but most just put the buds in airtight containers, "burping" them for the first few days, and then leaving them alone.
  20. Take a gander

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