biggest bud you'll ever see

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by yoshi424, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. a fortune from a fortune cookie?
  2. lmao. amazing. same here. interesting fortune... but i'm sure he meant well with this thread.
  3. some people just arnt meant for the boards
  4. help i'm being held in a chinese bakery? are you trying to tell us something Yoshi424?
  5. how is that possible????

    what plant makes that big bud?
    i got to get one of those....
  6. maybe NL, but as you can see that is the entire plant, dried and ready to smoke...
  7. looks fake to me. it looks as though it has a layer of blur over it. perhaps to cover the roughspots left from the edit?

    i circled the part that really caught my eye like it was thrown together in an image editing app. i could be wrong though.

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  8. easily photoshopped :rolleyes:
  9. or its just a really big bud?
  10. now thats a hybrid for you
  11. no it's real.. not tampered with

    I seen this guys profile on some site... he had SO MUCH WEED MY GOD

    the dankest shit too

    he posted like 30 pics in a gallery like 3-5 pounds of weed sitting on a table getting ready for jars...

    it was pretty crazy
  12. Yeah, thats definately not photoshopped. Just a big nug.
  13. its real....just more then one bud. theres one big bud and about 3-5 other big nugd surrounding it
  14. HIGH All, yup that's a big BUD for sure!!!
  15. wtf is that?

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