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Biggest blunt you ever rolled.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smokeweed1, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. The other day I was at my friends house and we were smoking. While my friend brandon was rolling a blunt, I sat there wondering what the biggest blunt ever rolled and smoked is. Whats the biggest blunt you have ever rolled?
  2. This summer I smoked a cone filled with about 25grams of weed. Was in Amsterdam, so it was some pretty dank weed aswell !
  3. [​IMG]

    2 Dutches end to end full of Mango Haze. Wish I get could one more eighth of that stuff :( There's a quarter in this blunt and yes, thats a Newport 100 for size comparison. Burnt for almost an hour between me and my room mate and we shottied the shit out of the roach.
  4. i rolled nine grams of OG in a dutch and it burned for an hour. didnt go out or nothin. so many ppl got wasted on that one blunt
  5. Damn you guys have smoked some epic blunts. The biggest I have ever rolled was an eighth. I've been there for a quad once I. A fat blunt, thing was a monster.
  6. Tell me about it dude I was already ripped from just toking on that double dutch, oowop what ever you want to call it, but after the first shotty, I couldn't even stand up.
  7. Illadelphia 215 !
    Philly Love<3 haha
  8. dude that joint was huge, but that one bitch that kept talking was mad annoying
  9. the biggest blunt i ever rolled was like 17 grams of some brown ass weed in 2 blunt wraps lol
  10. lol worlds largest canoe
  11. my buddy once rolled a 14 gram blunt, and i kid you not, it baked his entire house.
    like we were upstairs and the entire upstairs was smokey, we go downstairs and all i could say was holy shit! every single room had smoke in it. it was incredible.:smoke:
  12. Only about 2 or 2.5 of mids in a white owl. I rarely put anything with trichromes in a blunt.
  13. 3+ months ago I rolled a massive size blunt using one of those popular King Pin Cigar Rolling machines. I packed it fairly tight, then used a smaller machine to help create a skinner joint. With these 2 blunts/joints I got the bright idea of creating a cross joint. Now, I had never attempted this or even seen it performed. Minus on YouTube. I used a very unorthodox style - Poking a hole in the middle of the 5" blunt, cutting out lil gapes in the center of the smaller blunt then simply sliding it into hole I had poked in the blunt. As lazy as this sounds, it actually worked but only with the first attempt.

    And yes this used tremoudous amounts of weed.
    It was shared with 4-5 people


  14. i ripped a blunt that was 4 blunts wide and 4 blunts long on 420 this year hahah we called it the crowbar cause it was so fucking big
  15. thats not "unorthodox", thats the common way to do it....
  16. 5.2g ... but i didn't roll it, my pro roller buddy did!

    it actually tasted & Smoked superbly-- purple haze royal blunt & 5.2gs of mids.
  17. My friend got a party blunt from our local head shop, it was like 16-18 grams I think.
  18. shit, im not even sure what my biggest blunt was.

    but one day i was gonna have some homies over so i went to the tobacco shop in the mall and i got a couple large cigars. on the way out i bumped into these 2 chick friends of mine, and told them that we were burnin out at my place later.
    so they followed me home. ended up being like 7 people over..and i rolled bout 9 grams in a blunt. then rolled a couple more about 7 grams. we got sooo zooted.

    another time, my cousin flew down to visit for a few months. the day he got there he put $100 down for an O. god damn dude, me him and my 2 bros smoked allll day long. i rolled the biggest jay i have ever seen. i put 4 king size joker papers together. Had to of been like 12 grams in the bitch. Wish i still had the pic. but in the morning we didnt have any weed left :(. so we just had to get another ounce haha.
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    Really? Cause a friend of mine later that night used what I always assumed to be the correct method. I.E, The method you see on every tutorial videos. The putting multiple papers together method.

    His route took a lot longer though. I was finished in 5 minutes tops. Took em almost friggin 15 minutes.

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