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Biggest blunt ever...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. I was sitting here thinking... what's the biggest blunt ya'll have ever rolled?

    I've rolled a blunt that was 8" long and 3/4" wide. It held close to a half ounce of weed. I had to use one of those huge cigars you see in tobacco stores. It was mad hard to roll, and looked really sloppy when I finished so I casted it up with some papers. It took 6 1.25's (2 wide, 3 long) to cast it up. Thing burned mad long.
  2. Most I ever put in one blunt was a 1/4 oz. We smoked 3 of em between 5 people. It was the only time I've ever fallen over from smoking so much (then again coulda been the mushies). The 1/4 oz ones lasted for so long, I can't even imagine rolling a bigger one.
  3. never rolled more than 1/4 and I have no clue how long we just sat and smoked lol
  4. I grinded up 8 grams of good trees out of my half ounce and unpacked a Vanilla White Owl and repacked it with the weed.

    Wake and baked it with one other person from 8:00 AM to 9:05 PM.

    I have little recoglection of the rest of that day. But it was a good experience.
  5. I've done that with strawberry phillies, green dutchies, and regular phillies. it's fun :)

    I packed a strawberry phillie full of NL and smoked it to the face once. That was intense.
  6. never roll blunts but i rolled a j wit like 4 grams in it burned for awhile.
  7. took a berry blunt and put 8 grams in it.... put syrup on it and burned for 1 1/2 hours... then we went to a movie and we couldn't get our movie tickets without laughing..

  8. 8 gram blunt are intense, i love to add honey, makes them burn forever. THere was 3 of us smoking it and we ended up putting it out like 2/3 through the way. We were all just sitting there stoned as hell. It may of been a better idea to just smoke the blunt but it was taking forever to roll and we ended up taking bong rips before we even sparked the blunt.
  9. Biggest blunt i'v ever smoked is with 5 was like 9 grams or somthing, i cant quite remember...but anyway...with 5 people it went around a good 6 or 7 times, not passing it all of us where heavy smokers.
  10. with my old shitty mexican dealer he rolled like 3 ounces of some bomb ass mids, hella fluffy shit, and ended up using 20 skins and 6 blunt wraps to roll her, she started getting hella resin at the end so we had to put it out 3/4th through.

    we finished it off in this pipe he had, it was dope
  11. Haha, THC, I can't even imagine that. Did it look similar to a baseball bat when it was rolled up. :smoking: :D
  12. Larger than you can even fathom. We found it floating, dead above water. We figured, as they live 20,000 leagues under the sea that it must've had the misfortune of dying. Fortunately for us, however, we pulled the massive 6 ton blunt aboard our craft and we set sail toward home. We then lit that up and smoked it. Heh heh, I don't even know why the fuck I just said all that.

  13. Hahahahaha, thats some funny stuff roflol!
  14. WHen you put honey on a blunt how much do you usually put on?
  15. a beehives worth

  16. it was truly amazing , like 18 inches long, and a good inch and a half twoards the tip, and 3/4 inch at the mouth.

    it got gooey as fuck at the end

    great experience nontheless :smoke:

  17. when I put honey on my blunts I just put the honey on my finger and rub it on the blunt until the blunt has a nice thin layer, except for the tip dont put honey on the very tip unless you wanna sit there for awhile trying to light ur blunt, but trust me it tasts better then what you probably think and it really slows down the burn, great for burning with bogarts
  18. I put it on the inside. Holds the weed in place a little better and lets the blunt stick to itself a little better for a tighter roll. Also, less mess.
  19. off the subject but i recently had a dream where a friend of mine who does not smoked revealed himself to be igotthecottens in the forums. but alas...i realized the truth when i woke up. reality can be so harsh.

  20. doesnt sound like a shittly dealer to me......

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