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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by probola, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. i want to get some kind of hps light. my present situation would allow me to veg 4 plants to 12" and then flower 2 females out of those 4. what size hps would be good for this?
  2. Try for a 400 watt hps..would probably do you best...can't always hope for a 50/50 chance on the male female ratio though.
  3. a 400w for 2 plants that were put into flower at 12"??? slight overkill dont you think.
    id say more like a 250 or even a 150 would do the job.

    how tall is your grow space probola? oh and whats its total size while we talkin about it.
  4. small closet that has no use. it is 67" tall, 24" deep, and 43" wide. other things are also in consideration in my desire for veging 4 and hopefully getting two females to flower out of those four. would the 250 be the most logical choice?

  5. for just 2 small plants then yes a 250 wud be the most sensible choice.
    that room could handle a 400 quite easely though. if you intend to do a larger grow later then consider a 400 now to save having to buy a 2nd light later.

    may i ask why your so set on 4 plants to get 2 plants? any reason such as local law?
  6. would there be a big difference in electricity between the 250 and 400?
  7. not that much in realaty. a 250 mite cost around £3 a week to run and a 400 about £4.50

    a 400 will give over double the light but wont cost twice as much to run. they cost around the same to buy.

    the bigest thing to think about is heat.
  8. Hi All...

    Check out Ebay they have some HPS on there, And i found them reasonably cheap compared to some companys.

    Good Luck..

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