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BigCizeys Germany Pick ups Frequently updated

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TECH N9NE, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. #1 TECH N9NE, Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2010
    Hey this thread is for my pick ups in Cologne Germany... I pay 10grams for 65 euros and its DANK shit because i paid 90 for 10 grams in holland coffeshops and the weed is nearly the same quality i love it :D
    anyway the pics are all iphone qualiy so ill make sure to only take pics during the day because thats when the quality seems to be decent !

    First Coffeshop Pick up (5 grams of citral 8 euros per gram)

    Second Coffeship Pick up ( Orange Bud + K2) 90 euros for 10 grams, Great weed but very expensive + 2 far to always buy ( once every few months maybe)


    My first Pickup From my first dealer (10 grams of Dank No name)





    I will always update as soon as i get enough money i will invest in a proper camera if you guys like my pick ups ! :smoke:
  2. mm mm tasty lookin treats mang.

    keep it strange!

  3. are you a native german or an american living in germany like myself
  4. i was born in germany but originally i am turkish bro :) :smoke:
  5. STRAAAAAAAAAAAANGE!!!!! muuuusiiccc ( in krizz kalikos voice) :smoke:
  6. hahaha damn your good english typing had me confused
  7. i lived in dubai for 7 years and there i learned english

  8. Hell yeah!! you're the 1st person I've met on GC that's a fan of strange music. I own everything they've produced. Can't get enough of it :smoke:
  9. +rep broo i got all their songs aswell man but krizz and tech are my favoreite man i hope one day i can see them live if they come to germany again !!!!!!!! :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke: +rep broski

  10. thanks ^^

    Krizz and Tech are my favorite as well. I almost like Krizz over Tech (only if Krizz had more songs out compared to techs 14 albums and hundreds of songs being featured in)

    +rep to you as well. I just seen them on the 16th, and will be going to KC MO to see em' again in oct. :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

  11. Holy shit dude going to KC MO is like going to Amsterdam a must as a stranger :p:p but forreal i prefer krizzs flows on a few songs over techs verses like in midwest chopper

  12. Definitely! Seeing Tech on huge ass billboards and shit, fucking crazy lol. & agreed. If you haven't heard the snip for "The Speed of Sound" by Bone Thugs n Harmony FT Tech (youtube it) you definitely need too. I'm going to say it's the fastest I've heard Tech spit in a LONG time. All the snip is, is a part of tech's verse and the chorus, but it's worth it lol. Shitty quality, but it'll be on Bone Thugs new album. :smoke:
  13. holy shit i checked it out ... dude thats fucking awesome (y)
  14. Looks like you're getting some dank sir. :hello:
  15. thank you very much :)
  16. richtig feines gras:smoke:
    ich wünschte bei mir in der gegend würd ich 10g gras für 65€ bekommen:D
  17. hehe danke dir ja ich hab echt glück gehabt das mein erster dealer korrekt ist :smoke:
  18. a bowl topped off with no name dank kief and some munchies .....enjoy :smoke:

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  19. lets get more comments xD
  20. ja da hattest du echt verdammt viel glück:D
    viel spaß damit:smoke:

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