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  1. Brought 2 big bud cuttings 12 months ago and im still cloning off the same family,but it just keeps getting better.last yeild gave me 100g dry weight per plant,aint bad for soil
    Gonna start my next crop flowering tomorrow so i will keep everyone updated with the progress.
    Here are some pics of my current harvest,its gone 6 weeks and is goin on strong.

    Keep on burnin da 'erb,peace and love 4 eva

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  2. 100g a plant? wtf? are you sure?
  3. im as sure as my shit stinks dude,3 oz and 16 grammes per on about the 7th genrration of stock and each time it just gets better
  4. nice plants man! Bigbud sure does live up to its name. Any pics/specs of your setup would be nice.

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