Big Yielding Strains.

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  1. For my next grow I'm trying to get the most weight possible out of a plant. Like I literally don't care how it smokes or how it tastes or smells. I want the most weight possible. I've heard critical mass and big bud have good yields, but there is so many to choose from on Attitude.

    So basically I was wondering what specific strains and what companies do the big weight strains the best. All help and experienced advice is gratefully appreciated.
  2. I gave away 2 Heavy Duty Fruity seedlings about 1 week old to a friend of mine for his first grow, figured Big Bud X Skunk would be an easy plant. It was. One was male, one female. Discarded the male. The female dropped about 3 oz on his first grow. Its in the curing process now, but he has been smoking it as well as his friends and they are all saying it has a very solid buzz. Not super potent, but better than mids by quite abit.
    If grown properly with some training (his was even untopped and very stretchy) I am sure it could drop some big loads.
  3. Yea I have couple breeds of Big Bud on my radar, but is there any specific companies that do it best?
  4. Paradise Seeds, Wappa and Sensi-Star give huge yeilds. Wappa fills more jars than any other strain I've tried :smoke:
  5. Alright, right now I'm looking at 2 critical mass mixed with ak strains, a big bud limited addition, and your wappa. Waiting for 420 to buy though so I can get freebies
  6. Serious seeds Chronic. It's an old Big Bud.

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