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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering what's the difference in all the kinds of ashcatchers? As in which one should I pick for my bong, my girlfriend has lung issues so I want to get something that gives smooth hits, but isn't too hard to clean. I don't know if I should get a disc one, shower head, or any of the other 7301 options!!! I was looking at a cheech one that you could remove the inside for easy cleaning and I thought that was pretty cool. Thanks in advance for all the help!!!!

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  2. If you really are looking for the smoothest hit possible, than you want something with a lot of diffusion. So a showerhead or disk perc would be a good place to start.

    Basically the only real differences between most kinds of ash catchers are the amount of diffusion (disk, shower, stem, slit perc), and the amount of water the smoke passes through (size). It just depends what you like best.

    I find that even with little pieces like that, they're fairly easy to clean even if they don't come apart. Just leave it soaking in alcohol and salt mixture for a few hours while you do something else. Brand new!
  3. I have a ash catcher, and a down stem that has five fingers tthat are perculated. Then a perc in the bong with 4 fingers. It hits so fucking smooth that i clear a bowl without even noticing how much i really am consuming. Gotta be careful.with thay shit lol

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    Try this website they habe awesome shit for cheap. Where i got all my stuff.

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  4. my inline's pretty easy to clean, diffuses great. showerhead would be my next choice for you
    good luck

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