Big wide fan leaves

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  1. So I cut my clones 3 weeks ago and theyre all nice and rooted and growing great, inky problem is the fan leaves are huge and the V shape on the leaves are all super spaced out and the sharp edges are round because each V on the leaves are so spaced out? Any idea what it could be, is it too hot or humid or something like that, cause I have 2 clones if the sane plant that are just smaller but their leaves are normal. Any input would be appreciated
  2. if the plant you took clones from was in the begining of flower, its very common to get funky lookin leaves. i have some Conf cheese cuts i took 2nd week of flower, are tossing single and 3 bladed leaves. will go back to normal in a few weeks. no worries
  3. Good looks, you've had to have hit it just right cause that's exactly what happened. Cut em the first 4-5days of flowering,
  4. Yep...

    Any plant that has started to convert to flower that is cloned will more than likely have to revert back throwing off the normal looking grow type.

    I cut a clone at the very last weeks of flower the thing even still had bud on it lol.

    It didn't take more than a week to root and reverted back to veg but still 3 weeks on it does have some weird leafing going on. Eventually it will look normal but it is fine to be like that... If anything its even more bushier than the clone I started it from at the beggining so hopefully a win win situation :)
  5. Right these clones are bushier and have way tighter nodes than the mothers

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