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Big ups to the downsouth smokas

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Forbidden Fruit, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. God how i miss america :( im in holland now..and i cant leave the country. :(
  2. Can't Leave???? :smoking:
  3. Yeah..i have a money order that i cant get cashed...i have a plane ticket....ive been to the american embassy....and they cant cash going to the dutch embassy.....and telll them taht "IM your problem country wont help me in an emergency to get home....and so...i want a dutch passport, a duel citizenship and a house/appartment in amsterdam whenever i return back" and they better fucking give it to me too...cuz if my mother dies..and i asked to go home because of an reporting it to every news channel and paper i can come holland and america. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT! ANY AND ALL GOVERNMENTS.
  4. DAMN!! That sucks Dude....If you raise enough Hell maybe you'll get some help!! Keep us posted on what's happening!! :smoking:
  5. Dude that sounds like hell. Keep you hopes up and think good thoughts. Youll make it home, even if you need to mail yourself. =)

  6. do what you got to do and fuck anyone that gets in your way thats the american way

  7. gonna surely raise hell...even if they deport me. bastards...anyways....i think grandparents are gonna send money...they shouldnt because i have the means to get home. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!
  8. When all else fails you can always swim. J/K. So is your problem money, because if you have a plane ticket I can't see how it's hard to get home. Well, atleast in Holland they have good ass legal weed.

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