Big Tobacco Wants To Get Into Weed...fuck..

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by WhiteRabbit13, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Support your local grower as much as possible.
    Fuck the state, fuck the pot stores and fuck big tobacco .
  2. Well duh, Of course they want in, its money to be made....

    You know how not to support their (probably) shitty chemical infested weed? Dont buy it. Buy from local growers, or grow your own.

    Under no circunstance will they not get into the market, their entire purpose is to make money. That doesnt mean its the end of good weed...
    home grow and support locals that help others...karma will smile on you for sure. :metal:
  4. Yep. They'll be choices, just like beer. You can buy Budweiser, Coors, etc or go with a local microbrew, it will be the same with weed. With bud, people will prefer quality over generic, therefore IMO small to medium sized farmers that focus on quality then quantity will do quite well.
  5. Wow they are already rich old man what more do they want there time will soon come and will be dead sorry but it's true , c'mon man they should not even think bout doing that imagine the outcome of it...what a world.

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  6. you mean you guys dont want to go into gas stations and get your newport greens? haha yea everyone that smoked before it became federally legal would continue with business as usual buying from small grows or growing their own. as long as big tobacco didn't find a away to make home grown illegal while keeping their version of it around, kind of like the moonshine vs bottled liquor thing, i dont think tobacco would ever become the dominate force in cannabis. even if they do sell their regs rolled in that computer paper cigs come in. 
  7. Hopefully the majority of tokers wouldn't be stupid enough to buy from big tobacco corporations but as long as there are people who buy chemical infested tobacco, there will be people who don't mind chemical infested cannabis.
  8. "Cannabis professionals regularly speculate that Big Tobacco will, at some point, enter the marijuana market"
    There's no doubt that they will enter the cannabis market, But that is not necessarily a bad thing. With proper regulations, Such as the FDA actually giving a shit for once, This could actually have strong potential. The prices could be lowered so a pack of joints won't be like $50, Instead being something much more cheap.
  9.   If they really want the market, I think they'll probabley get it. Big tobacco owns politicians and has the money to buy the laws and regulations to benefit themselves. Maybe a coalition of independent growers and manufactures would have a chance of competing in the political arena to prevent corporate takeover of the industry.
  10. I agree. Sadly though your right,Bugs.

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  11. they would have a really low thc strain or strains in the cigs because of driving laws. they probably would grow hemp and then pump the final hemp product with addicting/addictive legal substances to hook people and everyone thinks they are getting high from cannabis but really getting addicted to chemicals they put in there. what a messed up viewpoint but is probably what will happen.
  12. Thank God there are seeds so people can grow their own. The beauty of Marijuana.  :smoke:
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    They will probably make home grow illegal and find some way to corner the market getting rid of smaller growers. Canada has done this.

    About the seeds ever heard of Monsanto?
  14. If I could go to the store and buy a pack of Marlboro Green and it was good shit and cheap. That would be nice!
    Home growing is almost a labor of love these days, it certainly has gotten more and more expensive in the last few years, and all it takes is one bad aphid infestation and it actually COSTS you money to grow pot, it aint a "green rush". it's a hard way to make an easy living.
    One day pot will be like electricity, a power that is all around us at all times, want to get high? Just breathe the air...Then I woke up smoking Monsanto prerolls on the way to the lung doctor...
    Such a horrible monopoly. Damn Monsanto should never be mentioned. Fuck them.
  16. This is a good thing. It is the fastest way to nationwide legalization. Not only that but tobacco companies have a lot of power which means they can change the laws regarding pot to help them sell it which means it would be easier to buy pot. It would also be easier for startup companies, of young/old entrepreneurs, to setup and run their business. Think about it, if you want to pass a law you have to get congress to agree, Congress has the power. Congress in this situation is big tobacco. If big tobacco is on our side than we are unstoppable. Easy to hate someone because they are against you, but once they take your side...
     I can personally only see good coming from this in the big picture of legal weed.
  17. Eh oh well, it'll be legal and it's not like you can't easily grow it or find it locally grown

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  18. See but do they know how to grow ? I would think no one would ever grow for them since they lobby against marijuana but we all know there's gonna be at least one sell out and I think this is the worst kind because its us vs them kind of thing

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  19. There are square kids coming out of college with biology degrees that know more about growing plants than most home growers do. When it comes to scientific matters, like horticulture, they are easily repeatable and impossible to forget. The road has already been paved over and over for anyone who wants to grow something.
    Seeds, dirt, water, air = plants = food......Growing plants is one of the oldest sciences there is. Mankind has been growing plants and recording the outcome since the first dude said, i'm sick of eating these fucking nuts! Lol.
    Marlboro, Monsanto, hell even FRITO LAY!  Big companies like that already know how to grow pot unfortunately.

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