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  1. I'm walking around here at work thinking....... it was just a few weeks ago I came on here asking if you can tell the sex of a seed by its color, what a tard.I pretty much expected to be called a moron, na...I just got a simple answer. About 33 days ago I attempted to germ a seed for the first time, when it sprouted I put it on my dresser with a little cfl. Monday I got some hps ballast & bulbs, hooked up the 400w & put the plant under it. What a world of difference...I found that you can grow with cfl's, but they were driving me absolutily crazy having to adjust them over & over again, you gotta get'em as close as you can, but not too close.....pppfftt, the hell with that.

    My best friend since first grade has been telling me this for the last two years - ( if you want to grow, I can hook you up with "the man" he will give you some clones ) I thought, ok the back of my mind I was like - what the hell is he talking about...clone? He kept on about it...dude!?!? grow a plant with some bag seed & see if your interested in growing at all. Well, I did & I this is where it really gets good, I called him over to take a look & what I had growing, I figured he would somewhat impressed, being as it was my first, & he was. Then he said - "lets take a ride" on the way he kept saying, "now this is some serious stuff here bro, you are only the second person to ever see this, the other guy was the person who set it up.

    Ok, its funny that we are heading in the direction that leads to his house...that son of a bitch, the fuckin' "man" is him. We go into his house...he leads me to a door with a entry lock, he opens the door & I just about shat on myself...15 plants. It took me a while to catch my breath, I was beside myself...I could have killed him, all these years I have been hitting the streets to score weed, & my best friend hasnt had to by weed in over 7 years. He was selling for a while, but he cut me off about a couple years ago, now come to find out that apparently I was getting to close to his operation, I guess I was asking questions. He is getting married & what to relocate or get ride of everything for a while. Its mine!!!! all mine, once he found out that I just got a 400watt hps & a 1000watt hps he' ready to move to my house, the plants & everything...all of his dirt, material, pots / rockwool, everything. The only thing he wants is to be able to get a mother plant back after he is ready to go at it again.

    The reason for the thanks is because it wouldnt have happened without you guys, & I very much appreciate it.
    So in summary;
    A few weeks ago I asked if youcould tell the sex of a seed by its color
    Now I'm about to get hooked-up with an established grow, with a mother plant, that will sustain my throughout.

    Thanks again GC, when I'm smokin on it I'll be thinking of u's guy's.
  2. well thats nice you inherited an entire grow to keeep up with and only the experience of sprouting a seed. good luck. but you may be in over your head. this is ALOT of work.
  3. Yeah thanks, he's not going to leave me hanging...he's going to be around quite a bit until I'm ready to go on my own. He either has to throw everything out, or find somebody that cant take things over, I just so happen to be the one. His new lady layed the law down...the plants or her.

    These plants are from the same guy that doesnt even know how to change the filter in his a/c unit, dont know where the spark plugs are located, can barely dress himself for work, but he doesnt seem to have any problems growing some dank ass buds.

    I may be over my head, & it is a lot of work...but its a challenge I'm sure as hell going to except. Theres some super cool growers here that got my back...they will help a great deal, shit you guys got me this far...dont leave me hangin' now.
  4. you have it good there davy a experienced grower for assistance free equipment and the price of all this a mother should have no trouble at all growing some dank,good luck in the future with your grows!!!!
  5. Wow very nice, glad GC has been able to help you. You are a very lucky man to be given so much, spread the good karma :)
  6. There's a lot of people I really need to rep, starting with you Anony, your the one that answered that stupid question about the seeds lol, & you didnt even laugh, at least out loud, the thing is I'm not up to speed on the rep system, are new guys allowed to rep?

    Thanks nosonuts, it is a blessing.
  7. Lol yea, I try to help as much as I can. I constantly remind myself of the days when I didnt know squat and tried to grow with a bathroom light bulb and miracle grow spike sticks, LOL now that was funny.

    Anyway, yea new people can rep, here is the reputation guide.
  8. are you planning on selling? i'd be careful about that shit
  9. ^ Heck no! Thats a slippery slope...the guy I'm getting them from was at one time, too many people somehow find out it seems. The hardest part is going to be keeping it to myself, I'm told with a number of awesome plants your instinct is to want to show it off to your friends..."hey man, check this shit out"

    Oh, & another note, he has been using nothing but MG soil since he inherited them some years ago, & the original owner was also. He has suggested I maintain his system, any thoughts on that? no need I guess to be greedy & increase the already establised yield they have been producing.......or is there lol?
  10. MG isn't bad, its just too many people fuck up with it lol. If he's been growing fine with it, then he knows how to use MG. Thats all.

    If he knows what he's doing, just listen to him and use GC as a reference or something.
  11. growing isn't that hard, after all it is just a weed that grows wild whether people like it or not:smoking:. your not in over your head, just listen to what the guy has to say, watch your ph, and use the people here. there are tons of gurus here that have nothing else to do than to smoke out and help us with our stupidity.
    good luck homie and if you have some spare nugs from that first grow send us some!:bongin:

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