BIG Tim Tebow for Heisman!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by ek9steven, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. I can only speak for myself but I will be so pissed if Tim Tebow does not receive the Heisman Honors this Year...

    so whats if he is a sophmore??????

    also big 12 championship tonight

    chase daniels is overrated, I hope Oklahoma crushes Missou RIGHT NOW!
  2. I will put it this way. If chase daniels leads missouri to a win tonight, he wins the heismen, unless he plays terrible... but i expect in the neighborhood of 300 yards passing, 3 TD, and 1 INT.

    Fuck Tim Tebow, he is amazing.. but I dont think he will do shit in the NFL.. He isnt good enough at 1 thing.. he just does 2 things very well.. and in the NFL he wont cut it. IMO

    Im looking forward to this game :D
  3. mizzou was defeated by oklahoma earlier in the season and I hope for damn sure its a repeat tonight...

    college football owns period and thanks for commenting back kingpins, its cool to hear other peoples opinions on such a cool topic like college football
  4. Oh i agree, I love discussing sports.. its probably my biggest passion in life.

    Yeah I could careless who wins the game, im just looking for a great finish. This whole season has been amazing.

    Im a michigan fan, so this year has been a major disappointment.. I liked Oregon, before they lost Dennis Dixon for the season.
  5. def for sure

    top fav times in order

  6. id probably go

    1. Michigan
    2. Oregon
    3. Notre Dame
  7. Tebow has been amazing all season.

    McFadden has only had an amazing late season.

    Tebow has proved hes the best player in the country. Its such bullshit that McFadden will most likely get it only cause he is a senior. Thats how the fucking voters typically vote. For the older guy..the senior. I thought it was supposed to be to most valuable player? Not the most valuable senior.

    Tebow hands down
  8. I dont agree.. but my vote wouldnt be for Darren McFadden either.. Itd be for Dennis Dixon.. look what happened to Oregon after Dixon's injury, they went from being a national championship contender to losing every game after his injury and probably going to finish the season unranked.

    That is MVP.
  9. Well.. that fact is that you cant win a Heisman when your injuried. Only the strong survive. Tebow has 22 rushing touchdowns this season.. he has been hit from every angle on the field..hit, injuried and played. Players have been hunting for his head all season and look at him..hes the fucking man. Hes a bull. He set all time records in college football, as a Sophmore. Hes still standing. Tebow for Heisman!
  10. BIG tim tebow hell yeah!!!

    oklahoma sooners big 12 champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    chase daniels seems a little winey if you ask me, his loss today is a big + for tebow's heisman campaign!

    i am pretty sure its not going to come down like this but I would want Oklahoma and Ohio State in BCS championship

    but its looking like osu and lsu :[
  11. Only an injury can show you impact.. and it shows your value when your team goes from being #2 and undefeated, then lose every single game without you playing and end up unranked. so to me, hes the most valuable player.

    I think the Gators would be very close to where they are now, even if they lost Tebow.

    Hes a great player, and probably the best player.. but in terms of most valuable.. to me its Dixon.
  12. Im not trying to be a smart ass here. But you gotta think about this. From what I understand you think that Dixon is the most valuable player, for his team. Without him, you said, his team has gone from #2 to...who knows now. However, the MVP who earns the Heisman trophy, is given it for being the most valuable player of college football. You just said that Tebow is "probably the best player," thus you are agreeing that he deserves the Heisman and is the MVP of college football. Remember.. MVP is for all of college football, not for his team. Compare Dixons and Tebows stats, and look at their schedule and conference performances. Tebow crushes Dixons stats... its undeniable
  13. This is the agrument everyone has.. whether the Most Valuable player is the most valuable to his team.. or the overall statistic leader.

    I honestly feel like with Dennis Dixon, it would be Oregon playing for the national title.

    But if you decide to look solely at stats.. you must consider Colt Brennen who pwns the fuck out of Tebow, has lead his team to 11-0 and is a senior.. IF you look solely at stats.
  14. Brennen has the best stats as a QB in the country..soley for passing. Tebow is 2 men in 1. He is a RB/FB and QB with more rushing touchdowns then the front runner RB (McFadden) for Heisman. Colt can pass.. but he cant run. Tebow is a dual threat with amazing stats passing and rushing; record setting in fact Hes accounted for more than 70% of the Gators offense. So does Brennen own Tebow in passing? sure.. But in rushing? Not even close.. Compare their stats on the field passing and rushing, Tebow owns. Compare their stats soley in passing then its Colt.. Soley rushing its Tebow. I give the edge to Tebow.
  15. I wish I could change this thread to a tim tebow appreciation thread hahahahah

    tim tebow ownssss!!!!!!!!!
  16. its between Tebow, McFadden and Brennan, who do you guys think is gonna win?

    i think Tebow deserves it hands down, 51 total TD's in 12 games is insane
  17. How can Brennen not get the vote.. Hes the only one who led his team to an undefeated season.. He brought his team back from down 21-0 in the final game to win 35-28.. and He set the ALL-TIME record for most Touchdowns in D-1 football.. If that isnt a Heisman winner, than Idk.. did I mention he was a senior as well.

    Tim Tebow is special, but hes a system quarter.. Irvin Myer makes everyone look great in that system.. He made Alex Smith into a #1 draft pick....He also made Chris Leak look pretty good.

    Overall Brennen is better and will be a much better NFL player.. Tim Tebow is like Troy Smith.. dominant in college, but the NFL will have no use for him.
  18. Brennan wont get the votes because of where he plays and in what division. The guy put up sick numbers but the voters just wont vote for him. I think the voting is gonna be real close between McFadden and Tebow, I think Tebow will probably get the edge in votes. But I could be wrong and it could be McFadden because some of the voters just wont vote for a sophomore. Kind of reminds me of Rex Grossman in his soph. year at Florida. He deserved the trophy but couldnt get the votes.

  19. Tebow put up his numbers in the toughest conference in college football if he played Hawaii schedule i couldn't even imagine the numbers he would have put up, maybe 75 total TD's?

    and i don't see why people are so quick to say he won't be able to perform the league as a pocket passer(prolly cuz of he runs alot and the system he plays in) for the season he's got 29 TD's to 6 INT's his sophmore year, thats pretty fuckin impressive if you ask me

  20. No doubt. He would most likely get the Heisman as well.

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