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  1. Just wanted to send out a big Thanks to THE GREEN BASTARD & this forum! My attitude order is days away. Would've never got the right Info without you guys. Attitude is definitely the way to go. Fast. Safe.
  2. Bean waiting is nerve racking! Got some la Confidential & Barneys LSD. Anyone had experience w these?
  3. I smoked some LA conf a few weeks ago and it was some amazing potent hit ya on the first toke smoke. I heard good things about LSD on these forums so I bet its prolly really good too.
  4. Nice! I'm super excited. Just received notice babies are in states. Are there any guidelines for propagation to perpetual? Ie I've got 2 chambers. 1 flower 1 for veg& mother. Will have two in flower at a time. Have two strains, not including freebies. How many and which seeds should I start? One I plan to make seeds with, so ill have some in backup.
  5. well ya don't want to f up germination if this is your first grow. Start with trying to germ one of the freebies you dont care too much about, the barneys farm strains have thick seeds so aside from just throwing them in water, i use FINE (4/purple) sandpaper and line a medicine bottle with it then throw the seed in for 30 seconds and spin.. then i throw the seed into a cup of warm water and leave it in a dark place.. it should sprout its tap root after no more than 48 hours. save the rest of the freebies for when you've got your main strains in flower.. if your freebies are all autos, just throw em in right away and u can leave em in the veg room until harvest (since autos arent light cycle dependent)
  6. I've grown a little before, but never breeding or in a perpetual way. Good tip w the Barneya, would've never done that. Here's what I got coming. 5 female LSD, 3fem la confidential, 13 reg la confidential (for seed purposes), and 6 or 7 fem samples. I want to have 1 or 2 types going for clones. Maybe 1 due to space. So should I start my seed endeavour (& how) or try another and clone for awhile?
  7. soon as they show sex, give em seperate rooms and make sure they dont share any ventilation.. when I'm messing around with male pollen i put it in a paper bag and grab a brush to spread it on lower lims of females i'd rather have more smoke than seeds of...
  8. Ok, so no shared air. Ill take the boys out at first sign. So since its not female can I just stick it in another room temporarily, and not worry about specifics, like temp & humidity? Can I just keep it alive for several days till its ready to be used? When do you know its ready? Do i wait for pods to burst?
  9. If ya really want to put a lot of care and thought into the breeding process, you grow the males out to their full potential (as you would a female) and you line the floor with paper. Treat the male room like zombies, they can contaminate a flower room and totally own your girls.
    That being said..... watch the males for desirable traits, fast flowering, thick full nodes, good smell.. Then combine the best males with the best females.\ If you use premature male pollen the end result will usually be smaller less potent seeds.
  10. Got em! Took ten days with holiday. Attitude is definitely where its at! Arrived perfectly. Tracking from p office is a total joke. Haha.
  11. What size container should be used for a mother plant? Same as others(4-5 g)?

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