Big swick in little Kali china

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hello guys this is the official start of my grow. I'll be running a basic mix from ITG.

    Soil: s. Peat moss, bu compost, and perlite at around 1/3 each then more perlite to make sure it drains well.

    Food sources: Blood meal, bone meal, kelp, neem, crab and gypsum for good measure all around 1/2 cup per cubic footper @ranchodelux suggestion. I'll be top dressing regularly with alfalfa, neem, and kelp if thry get hungry.

    Water: phed from 8.0 to 6.5 for now. My water has killed so many clines and seedlings i wont let thhat happen again!

    Grow space: i have a cabinet for veg/mothers and a lifeless/space tote for fruiting.

    The lights are screw in LED's.

    I'll be vegging in solocups and then transplanting into a 5 gallon pot on top of a bed of perlite yo get the sweet swick action going.

    Heres some pics of my seedling kali china i got from Ace Seeds.

    I think tomorrow is a good day to transfer KC to its new solo home.
  2. Hey, I may have recommended amendments at 1/2 cup per c.f.

    But I don't advocate the use of blood and bone meal. The only "food" source necessary for a seedling is compost IMO.

    Good luck with your grow.

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  3. That be a Likely contender

    for any 250ml/80z?

    grow competition ..?


    Good Luck
  4. IMG_6774.JPG IMG_6775.JPG image.jpg IMG_6776.JPG IMG_6780.JPG IMG_6781.JPG IMG_6782.JPG IMG_6783.JPG
    Hey elrancho,

    Less is more it seems like.
    I have a whole bag of each so it would be a waste not to utilize it ya know?

    Hey @vostok a solo cup grow would be a lot of fun. Do you have a link to an active thread?

    Things are looking really good here.

    I transplanted under a week ago to the soil mix in a solo cup. Once KC got established its been growing fast under 2x42 watt cfls. I have one fan on low in the back, a pc fan wired up to a dc adapter and a passive intake at the bottom of the cab. I threw in a couple pics of the flower box which is 12 LEDS in 2x27 gallon rubbermaids tubs.

    The 5th set of real leaves are coming out now and once the 5th set is fully grown out that's when i plan on switching to 4 of the 8 LED bulbs. These fuckers are strong. They have burned plants over 12" away before ☠️.

    My 2x5 gallons of soil have been kept moist to keep the micoheard alive and kicking over the last 2 weeks. KC doesnt seem to mind the blood meal after two weeks of "cooking". KC was actually starting to look hungry so i think everything is working out fine.

    The one thing i'll be picking up is some malted grains from the microbrewery store soon. I want to see how that effects growth.

    Next watering will get kelp tea.

    That's enough for now i think.
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  5. Hey @vostok a solo cup grow would be a lot of fun. Do you have a link to an active thread?

    None yet but will keep you informed
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  6. IMG_6784.JPG

    checked in before work. She's praying as much as i can ask for.

    Kelp meal slurry water when i get home ✌
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  7. Interested to see how the Kali China grows out. I have 7 KC seeds waiting forme to sprout. Right now I'm gowing out Ace's Panama. I'm pleased with it so far, she is the smelliest plant in the garden. Kali China looks happy - keep up the good work!

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  8. Panama is something is really want to get my grubby mits on. Which panama pheno did you get green or red? I plan on getting the panama x bangi haze after this. The description says all panamas are electric but the px bh is really psychedelic supposedly!

    The description on their website for kali china says it smells like :
    I got it just to to know what the hell meat weed smells like honestly and i wanted something fast flowering.
  9. @jonhova

    I got the feminized Panama and I believe they are bred towards the red/goddess. There was some color early on. I'm hoping for some pink pistils but she hasn't started preflowering yet. It smells skunky! I highly recommend her - she is a beautiful plant, so strong.
    I just ordered some beans from Ace including the PanamaxBH! Also picked up their Guawi, Bubba Hash, OD's Lilly, and those freebie KC.
    That description of the Kali China terpenes got me last time - their descriptions read like romance novels haha. Ace is the only breeder I've seen posting cannabinoid/terpene testing results of their sampled flowers - they're on another level!
    Keep up the greenthumbs!

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  10. Romance novels is correct hahaha
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  11. IMG_6785.JPG IMG_6786.JPG

    She loves the kelp meal slurry.

    I popped a zamal x hashplant in a perlite solocup yesterday.
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  12. Mmm... Zamal x Hashplant missed that limited edition you lucky mofucka...KC is under arrest!
  13. I got it recently from here
  14. IMG_6790.JPG
    Zamal x hashplant poking its head out
    IMG_6792.JPG IMG_6791.JPG
    KC loving the LED's.
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  15. @jonhova - I can't recall seeing anyone germinate in a perlite solo....its a swick germ huh? Have you used the method for long?
  16. I took a look into @noob_wannaB 's swick thread and stole her idea for cloning and applied it seeds.

    Its impossible to overwater a seedling with this method and ive tried haha:rave-girl:

    I poked a hole 2.5" from the bottom to create a reservoir.

    Initially i was trying to isolate my variables that were killing my plants. The soil, aeration, water, ph etc.:eek:

    i havent smoked in months since i got a new job and the 3 month probation is over tomorrow!

    Good bye beer belly, hello mary jane haha:toke:
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  17. Shit went south after teansplanting to a 5 gallon fabric pot and spraying rosemary oil. KC was burned like spawn. chrispy kfc chicken. Leason learned start with less oil its potent.

    I thought everything was over until i gave her some water and she seems to be bouncing back!!!

    I'll setup the catch tray for the swick today and post pictures of KC and ZH before she goes in soil :)
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  18. Hope she springs back man! Looking forward to the pics

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