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  1. I seem to have come across quite a surprise in my own back yard. A surprise im still trying to come to terms with as it has really thrown me for a loop.

    well...First off, to undterstand my situation you must first understand my surroundings. My garage is locted outide my house, directly behind my guest house with fenced walls and a steel top covering. Its mainly my dads place to tinker with shit and work. Now that you understand the surroundings, I can begin.

    I was lazely looking around my garage for the lawn mower bag when I noticed a large wooden wall built at the end of the garage with a single entrance, blocked by a red wheelbarrow . I hadn't been in my garage for quite some time so I guessed my dad had built it to store stuff. Though it seemed odd because the steel roof covering didn't extend to that end of the garage and anything over there would be rained on.

    I couldn't find the lawn mower bag anywhere around the main part of the garage, so I decided to look behind the newly erected wall. I walked over, pulled the whellbarrow out of the way and peered around the corner and there....nestled just to the left of the wall....were three large sativa first a wave of :eek: fell over me , but it soon faded to :D , with a little :p

    I was almost in shock, as I had no idea my dad even smoked...oh and the lawnmower bag was next to the plants so I grabbed that too. I quickly got a camera and took these pics of the plant.



  2. Shit i thought i was in the outdoor section, if one of the mods could move this to the outdoor section that would be nice thanks:)
  3. You would be surprised the things Parents are into :) i know im one LOL.

    Guess its time to sneak up on hm and say ... PSStt hey dad, great looking plants you go there! why didnt you tell me you smoked, thats cool!!! ;)
  4. hah damn that is pretty cool.
    looks like he is doing a great job on those ladies as well...
  5. It just surprises me that he has been smoking all this time without me father like son I guess.....

    Yeah, and on closer inspection of the plants it seems he has been topping them with much success and has been using a fish emulsion fert. I just found the fert close to the plants. Also, believe he is using a home made compost soil. They look to be about a a month and 1/2 old.
  6. that is such a pleasant surprise
  7. wow. those plants are BEAUTIFUL.

    your dad's got a real green thumb.

    now you've got something to look forward to.
  8. I'll be posting annual changes with the plants (4 to be exact), and posting any changes that occur. It looks like a pure sativa, and it already smells quite skunky from a foot away. I'll be nippin off some of this plant come harvest time;)
  9. Haha right on bro... are you gonna confront your dad that you know of this?
  10. hahaha.. that is awesome. I'm confused about the wall since those plants are obviously outside under the sun. does your dad know you smoke? if not, I think it's about time you two talk lol :)
  11. lol thats awesome you can bribe your dad for some;)
  12. For all you know your dad is on GC. Maybe it's even me...

    (but it's not).

  13. I don't think im going to confront him just yet, as I would like to nip some of these exquisite buds;) . Maybe later on though...

    The wall you see in the picture is the wall my dad built at the end of the garage to block that section of the garage from view. You see, the end of my garage has no roof over it, thus exposing the plants to a full days sunshine. The wall surrounding it though, leaves it unexposed to anyone walking through my alley way behind it. Also, my dad has cut down old pine trees and set them against each wall outside what you can see in the pictures, most likely to conceal smell when they flower. It's all quite ingenious really; at least I never would have thought of it.

    And again, im not sure when im going to confront him yet. Possibly after harvest:D :smoking:
  14. and here are a few pics i took this morning after a rain storm last night. The rain made them ever so green and beautiful.



  15. Thats awesome. My parents do smoke...They've been smoking my whole life. Never hid it from me....goes to show you how my family is. ha. anyways...i have a picture from the 70's of this MASSIVE plant that the started growing next to a flight of stairs in the backyard. However...this is minnesota...they said my uncle chopped it and , i dont know how they grew pot back then...if they dried out the buds and what not...but they said it was whack.
  16. that is soooo badass!
  17. Those look so healthy, especially after the rain.

    If your friends come over frequently then try and stop that before you confront him, once he doesn't have to worry about them he will feel much more comfortable speaking to you about it. hopefully if you do it right you wont have to sneak a nug here and there, you can simply ask for some.

    I'm sure he would rather give you some then have you wasting you money or stealing his, trust me I know EXACTLY what your going through. Assure your dad that no one will know (too late for that,eh!).
  18. Just an update on the plants, there growing very rapidly and the tallest is just almost 5' tall. the rain has been keeping them healthy and it appears my dad is using LST to keep the plants from growing to tall. Below are some pics...



  19. Also, I asked my uncle (whom I trust very much) about my dad smoking marijuana and growing and get this.... he said my dad used to grow large amounts for rich people while he lived in monta ray califonia and then somewhere close to Big sur wherever that is. apparently they both used to do it together....

    This is really starting to blow my mind....I didn't even know my dad had lived in california!...
  20. sure it's ur dad lol :)

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